Ricoh Smart Connectivity Home Office Bundle

Your home workforce is calling

Enable them with Ricoh Home Office licence bundles from Cisco and with each WebEx licence purchased, add in a Softphone solution with no lock-in contract.*

Softphone Calling Software is easy for users to download to PCs or laptops and start using, even with contacts that are not in your ‘teams’ environment.

An app provides mobile access with calls run through your mobile data provider. Unmetered local, national and international calls are included with each licence for simplified cost control.

And with no contract terms for softphone clients, you can scale back as business resumes without any excess licences and cost hangover.

Ready to connect and protect your teams everywhere with Cisco Teams, WebEx, secure VPN and Umbrella cybersecurity?

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*Terms and conditions apply, See below for details.

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Terms and Conditions Accordion

  1. The offer is for a Soft Phone Calling Software Solution with any Cisco Webex purchases.
  2. The Soft Phone Calling Software Solution includes: - Unmetered calls from the Softphone Desktop App. - All domestic calls included (Local, National, Mobile) - Capability for employees to efficiently download the softphone client to their PC or Laptop and to leverage a mobile application for IPad’s and mobile devices from $6 per month per user. - - Unmetered Local, National and Mobile calls included with each softphone license, allowing you to control costs.
  3. The Soft Phone Calling Software Solution set up fees are 25 – 100 Users ($500 exGST) or 101 – 250 users ($1000 exGST). Monthly fees apply and are charged on a user basis from $23 exGST per month per user.
  4. IDD/International calls will be blocked but can be enabled upon request.
  5. You are responsible for verifying compatibility of all applications with your operating systems. You are responsible for your own internet and data communications systems and associated costs and for the accuracy and integrity of your data as entered into, processed or converted during your utilisation of the application. You are responsible for back up of your data and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your environment. Click here> for Technical Specifications
  6. Ricoh does not warrant that any application is fit for your organisation’s particular purpose, nor does it make any other warranties as to security or freedom from defects.
  7. Your acceptance of this offer would be subject to (if you are a current Ricoh customer) the additional terms in your current customer contract with Ricoh or (if you are a new customer) would be subject to Ricoh’s Terms of Sale available at Ricoh’s Terms of Sale, Ricoh’s service and/or finance terms and any third party’s standard terms and conditions (where products or services include third-party components) as applicable.

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