Relocate or recycle my device

Relocate my device

Please complete this form if you have a requirement for Ricoh to relocate an existing device or remove an existing device for recycling.

You can also use this form to request a settings change or have additional print accessories added to an existing device.

Please consider your own print policy before completing this form, allow at least 2 weeks notice for your request to be reviewed, approved and processed.

If you require more information please fill out the contact us form and select ‘Device Relocation or Collection’.

If you have print device requirements across multiple sites, please submit a separate form for each site, or contact your Ricoh Orders Team on 02 8977 1460 or by email [email protected].

You’ll receive an email to acknowledge your request. We’ll review your request and contactyou.

Need help filling with the form? Contact us using Live Chat function or call 02 8977 1460.

To add more requests, choose the “+” symbol next to “Request 1” details on this form. Thiswill allow you to add up to 10 requests.

This form is designed for allowing 1 or more services, around 1 site.

If you have print device requirements across multiple sites, please submit a separate formfor each site or contact us using the Live Chat function or on 02 8977 1460 to discuss yourrequirements.

Providing Ricoh with a final meter reading allows us to finalise your account.

Learn how to obtain final meter readings

The ‘Preferred Implementation Date’, is when you would like Ricoh to action the request.

If the request is urgent, please contact us on 02 8977 1460 and we will do our best toaccommodate your needs.

When relocating a device to a new location, consider if the device needs to be reconfiguredto work in the new location. Ricoh can arrange a technician to attend the new site to assist.

Please ensure your IT technical resources are made aware of the relocation as they may berequired to make changes to the network environment for the relocated device.

Generally, we use a logistics partner to provide the device logistics service, and we useRicoh Technicians to provide onsite technical services.

We try our best to coincide the relocation of the device and the installation technician.

If a technician is required for an urgent job please contact us on 02 8977 1460 and we willdo our best to accommodate your needs.

Recycling machines and parts

We've always been ahead of the pack - we were recycling our machines and parts before there were regulations to do it. We don't want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines. Since the program started, over 180 tonnes of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.


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