Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable business and community support

As a global company and corporate citizen, our contributions to society and the environment are not merely philanthropic, but integral to the way we do business. Our corporate social responsibility framework is based on:

  • Integrity in corporate activities
  • Harmony with the environment
  • Respect for people
  • Harmony with society

Planet, people and profit

The vision of our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura – to ‘innovate on behalf of our customers and to pursue sustainable business practices on behalf of every life we touch’ – echoes through our business today.

Our Three Ps approach represents our philosophy for a sustainable society and is at the heart of our corporate values and approach to doing business.

We have a stake in every community we operate in.

Care for the environment

Recognising the impact of climate change on the Australian environment, Ricoh’s environmental management policy is one of our highest corporate priorities and places us amongst the leaders in environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Supporting Camp Quality

Ricoh supports Camp Quality to create a better life for children who are living with cancer. Providing support at home, in the hospital, at school and through camps, Camp Quality strengthens the support network of families affected by cancer.

Supporting Conviction Group

Conviction Group works to help young Australians take ownership of their personal health and wellbeing. Ricoh supports forums and tools to empower people to support themselves and others in challenging situations.

Supporting the Junior Land & Sea Ranger Program

Through the Junior Land & Sea Ranger Program, Ricoh provides young Indigenous Australians with opportunities to learn about their country and environment. Junior Rangers investigate local and regional environmental issues, engage young people on country, make connections with positive role models and learn about caring for our environment.