Business of Change

Digital transformation isn’t something you buy. It’s a journey. It’s an ongoing effort made up of smaller, incremental activities. Over time, it transforms your operations, your organisation, your customer and employee experience.

We're all in the business of change.

Work is changing fast and for businesses facing new challenges to keep a competitive edge, the people factor is as important as the tech tools. Our mission is simple: be your trusted partner on a digital journey to help you make worklife part of a great life.

Discover what’s possible when you rethink.worklife. with Ricoh.

We take you step-by-step through digital change. From creating a clear transformation strategy and digital vision, your business will move to boosting productivity with empowered workforces, optimising assets and automating workflows to make space for innovation.

Making it happen

Our IT specialists understand that change is about more than technology. It’s about people, processes and new ways of solving old problems.

The business of change improves work life using smarter workplace technology to create positive change. It begins in your organisation with 4 practical steps, timed to suit your needs.

We get you on the digital transformation journey from wherever you are now, and guide you to solutions across communications, mobility, digitisation and automation that work for your people and customers.

Reimagine the world of work with Ricoh.

  • 1. Map your business needs
    We bring together your IT, operational, people and customer business goals to define the technology you need today and tomorrow to deliver ICT operational efficiency, operational excellence and seamless customer experience.
  • 2. Brainstorm service solution
    When we know the capabilities you need, our specialists plan a mix of digital workforce, workspace platforms and new attitudes that cultivate human engagements to meet communication, automation and collaboration goals and breakdown barriers to knowledge and data sharing.
  • 3. Identify quick wins and priorities
    We engage with your people and customers to identify workflow issues and create a project plan that includes some short-term wins to boost engagement in the business of change. And because 83% believe the right technology makes work life better for employees, what’s good for your people is good for your organisation.
  • 4. Engage and educate with an iterative pathway
    Our experts plan the right mix of new technologies, new workplace practices and new attitudes towards how work gets done. By breaking the digital transformation journey into manageable steps, we engage staff and stakeholders with ongoing positive change.