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Position your students to advance with success no matter where they may be learning. Start by taking advantage of great sale pricing on the Interactive Classroom to Home teaching solution from Ricoh.

Your Classroom to Home solution is trolley mounted and features a wireless 65” interactive whiteboard, conference camera and speakers. Connect to any web or video conference service and monitor class numbers via the log in participation details.

Save lesson notes from the whiteboard to PDF and upload to cloud, share over email, save to office folders or send to USBs, using touch controls on the display.

For more immersive multi-user, collaborative video room sessions with recording capability, just add Cloud Video Conferencing or the Unified Communications Service Advanced (UCSA.) As close to having all your kids in the classroom as you can get!

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*Terms and conditions apply, See below for details.

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Terms and Conditions Accordion

  1. The offer is for the Ricoh Classroom to Home Teaching Pack solutions that includes Ricoh’s 65” Interactive Display, Wireless Presentation, Logitech Meetup Conference Camera System with One Touch Interface and Mobile Trolley stand. This collaboration hub supports any soft video conferencing or Unified Communication service. Also included is installation and configuration, user training and 12 months remote support.
  2. The Promotional Price for the Ricoh Classroom to Home Teaching Pack solution is $15,990 ex GST.
  3. During the Promotion Period customers can add on a Cloud Video Conferencing license such as Pexip Cloud Video and Meeting Solution. Additional costs are $99 ex GST per user/per month with a minimum of 10 users (Minimum 12-month contract applies at $11,880 ex GST)
  4. You are responsible for verifying compatibility of all applications with your operating systems. You are responsible for your own internet and data communications systems and associated costs and for the accuracy and integrity of your data as entered into, processed or converted during your utilisation of the application. You are responsible for back up of your data and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your environment.
  5. Ricoh does not warrant that any application is fit for your organisation’s particular purpose, nor does it make any other warranties as to security or freedom from defects.
  6. Your acceptance of this offer would be subject to (if you are a current Ricoh customer) the additional terms in your current customer contract with Ricoh or (if you are a new customer) would be subject to Ricoh’s Terms of Sale available at Ricoh’s Terms of Sale, Ricoh’s service and/or finance terms and any third party’s standard terms and conditions (where products or services include third-party components) as applicable.

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