Build real estate resilience with tech that just flows.

People are at the heart of real estate. Relationships old and new are key to staying profitable as market changes and lending conditions squeeze commissions and profit.

But what happens if you lose your sales spark? Your ‘always on’ real estate mojo?

You can’t connect. You’re stifled by sluggish workflows, bottlenecks, and go-slow tech costing you time and deals. You stop finding time for innovation and growth. You wade through each workday with tech not built to fit your business.

The right workplace technology lets innovative thinking flow without taking people out of the story.

Engaging customer experiences, simplified backends and seamless connectivity for a mobile workforce are just the start.

Building business resilience through smarter collaboration, scalability, automation and print innovation your fast track to getting ahead of the game and staying profitable.

Ask us how our real estate solutions can find your flow and put a spark on genius back in your sales toolkit.

Boost your digital signal solution with RICOH Get your 30 day free trial* of Smartsign solution.

Make your shop front FLOW - Smartsign software solutions is a digital signage application that has been specifically designed for Real Estate shopfronts to deliver digital content.

*Terms and Conditions apply


Terms and Conditions

  1. “Smartsign Trial ” (the “Trial”) means 30 days access to the digital signage application hosted by Smartsign AB or its affiliate and designed for Real Estate shopfronts to deliver digital content. The Trial includes one hour of remote training and support during business hours.
  2. Sign-up forms for the Trial must be received by 30 June 2020.
  3. No more than one sign up for the Trial per Real Estate business.
  4. At the end of the Trial you can choose to discontinue use of the application. Use beyond the Trial period will be subject to annual licence fees.
  5. You agree to an introductory session for set up of the application attended by a Ricoh representative and a representative from Smartsign AB or its affiliate.
  6. You agree to receiving information about other Ricoh products and services during the Trial. You may unsubscribe to email communications from Ricoh at any time.
  7. The application requires an LCD display screen with built in player. If you do not have access to a LCD display screen and wish Ricoh to supply one, there will be a charge.
  8. You are responsible for verifying compatibility of the application with your operating systems. You are responsible for your own internet and data communications systems and associated costs. and for the accuracy and integrity of your data as entered into, processed or converted during your utilisation of the application. You are responsible for back up of your data and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your environment. Technical Specifications are set out in Smartsign Display Manager 10.7 REV 191007.
  9. Ricoh does not warrant that the application is fit for your organisation’s particular purpose, nor does it make any other warranties as to security or freedom from defects. Your rights and obligations with regard to the software in the application will be governed by the applicable third party terms of Smartsign AB or its affiliate.