Digital Workflow and Automation for Remote Workforce

Remote works better with digital processes

Take advantage of our eForms and digital workflow package before July 1st and save more than $10,000*.

Confidently make the transition to distributed teaming and customer servicing with a practical review and digital redesign of your forms and workflow processes.

With our advanced eForms and workflow capabilities, you can quickly convert paper forms to electronic forms and design powerful applications using advanced logic and rules to eliminate manual work.

Want to simplify manual workloads, capture information digitally in the right form and at the right time for faster response times to interactions across your business? Start with a deep dive into the cost benefit analysis and productivity effectiveness of developing up to 5 automated workflows and 5 eForms for any part of your business.

Workshop how intelligent forms management, digital workflow, electronic signature acceptance and automated document generation can reduce costs and provide an enhanced experience for customers and staff.

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*Terms and conditions apply, See below for details. 

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Terms and Conditions Accordion

  1. The offer is for installation, configuration and setup of Nintex with associated licences, together with up to 3x2 hour remote workshops and 4 hours of remote training. including up-to five Workflows and five eForms at the Promotion Price during the Promotion Period.

  2. The Promotion Price is $57,350  ex GST (RRP $68,900 ex GST) and includes Application and Platform Support fee for the 1st year.

  3. From the 2nd year onwards there is an  Annual Subscription for Platform and Application Support fee of $24,350 ex GST.

  4. You are responsible for verifying compatibility of all applications with your operating systems. You are responsible for your own internet and data communications systems and associated costs and for the accuracy and integrity of your data as entered into, processed or converted during your utilisation of the application. You are responsible for back up of your data and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your environment.

  5. Ricoh does not warrant that any application is fit for your organisation’s particular purpose, nor does it make any other warranties as to security or freedom from defects.

  6. Your acceptance of this offer would be subject to (if you are a current Ricoh customer) the additional terms in your current customer contract with Ricoh or (if you are a new customer) would be subject to Ricoh’s Terms of Sale available at Ricoh’s Terms of Sale, Ricoh’s service and/or finance terms and any third party’s standard terms and conditions (where products or services include third-party components) as applicable.

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