Environment and sustainability

Less is more with Ricoh

We see business, society and the planet as interconnected. Through our corporate initiatives as well as sustainable products and services for our customers, we’re treading lightly to take real action on nurturing our environment. 

Environmental management is an essential part of our business culture. We’re proud to be recognised with awards including ten consecutive years on the 'Global 100' list of the Most Sustainable Corporations.

Ricoh Global eco action

On a global scale, Ricoh’s promotion of sustainable environmental management focuses on the 4 pillars of:

  • energy conservation and the prevention of global warming
  • resource conservation and recycling
  • pollution prevention
  • conservation of biodiversity

Customer recycling and product options

We help our customers monitor and reduce waste, cost, complexity and CO2 to improve their environment and sustainability credentials.

Recycling consumables

Our consumable recycling program is free to our customers as part of our goal to reach zero waste-to-landfill. Setting the industry benchmark, the program has recycled over 1,104 tonnes of toner cartridges. The program includes a free pickup service for qualifying customers and a Reply Paid return service.

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Recycling machines and parts

We’ve always been ahead of the pack – we were recycling our machines and parts before there were regulations to do it. We don’t want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines. Since the program started, over 180 tonnes of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.

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Sustainability tools

Our tools help customers to monitor and reduce their environmental impact.


Track your carbon footprint

Ricoh's @Remote Green Reports allow users to track trends and report performance in energy and paper use across their print fleet to promote sustainability and cost effectiveness.

The @Remote system collects environmental data from Ricoh networked printers and MFDs at multiple locations, and securely transmits the information to a Ricoh data centre.

Sustainable products and services

Our product design, strategic sourcing and manufacturing are all optimised for sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.


Product design

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) identifies the environmental impact across the lifecycle of a product, from raw materials to disposal.

Using LCA-based design, we set targets to reduce the environmental impact of our products. This can be as simple as designing products to be smaller and lighter to conserve resources.

Strategic sourcing

Setting a green procurement framework for raw materials, parts and products ensures we work with suppliers who meet strict standards and help reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We’re continuing to work to reduce environmentally sensitive substances used in our products, and have established a Chemical Management System to comply with the REACH regulatory framework.


We developed the RICO2RET system to minimise the environmental impact of our products. The system quickly identifies processes with high CO2 emissions and how to reduce them. For example, we developed a tin-free, low temperature fixing eco-toner with less environmental impact in the production process, called PxP toner. By fusing at lower temperatures, the PxP devices consume less energy without compromising print quality.

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Ricoh is taking action against climate change through all corporate activities to materialize the vision of “Fulfilment through Work” with the Spirit of Three Loves (Love your Neighbour, Love your Country, Love your Work), our founding principles.

SDGs is a growing focus and companies that do not respond to them will be eliminated from the market.  At the same time, Ricoh views ESG initiatives as mandatory requirement to realize a sustainable society that will enables us to grow, be a leader in society, offer a best-in-class workplace, and capture future opportunities for our businesses.

ESG is ever changing and I expect all ESG advocates in our region to learn and grow with the current trend. Let our employees embrace lifelong learning and growth with our ESG leadership.

I also sincerely request all our Ricoh employees to oblige to the duties of contributing to the community, solving customer problems, and making the world a better place.

Uesugi Keiichiro, President of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte, Ltd.