Everywhere Learning

Digitising schools from the classroom to the back office

Following a year filled with remote leaning and new technologies, the education sector is currently in a period of digital transformation. For students, educators and parents this represents a new way to learn and a new world when it comes to how we define the classroom, with a new shift towards 'everywhere learning'.

While school classrooms are rapidly digitising, this is not always consistent across the wider school community. The manual process of student registrations and enrolments is a time-consuming and repetitive tasks that is left to office administration.

With Ricoh's Education Digital Worker (R.E.D), administrators and office staff have the opportunity to utilise Robotic Process Automation to fast-track business processes.

Learn how Ricoh is digitising schools from the classroom to the back-office and how R.E.D can help you focus on the 'business of education'.