When work can be anywhere, it changes the way we work, communicate, and collaborate.

It raises new challenges in how to keep people connected and engaged, how to retain your culture and how to ensure continuity during times of accelerated change.

Taking a people-centric view of your hybrid workforce will allow you to deliver the secure solutions that they need to achieve their goals, wherever they are.

Achieve your vision with our expertise

Our Hybrid Workplace know-how ensures that your team—physical or remote—has everything they need.

We provide a holistic approach to designing, integrating, and supporting a seamless digital workplace environment that will nurture employee engagement, facilitate a more dynamic way of working, and help your hybrid workforce maximise their productivity.

Our extensive portfolio of communication and collaboration tools, and an integrated workspace management platform, will support you as you grow and scale, and will raise your digital workplace to new heights.

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Human-centric work design featuring flexible work experiences, intentional collaboration opportunities, and empathetic management—can increase employee performance by as much as 54%.

According to Microsoft, 66% of businesses are already rethinking and redesigning their office space to meet the needs of a hybrid workplace and workforce.

Unlocking the best of both worlds

Success lies in finding the right solution for both your physical and online workplaces. You need a partner with the expertise, strategy, and technology to connect people seamlessly, enable productive collaboration, and manage your physical workspace.

Let’s build your hybrid workplace

The right hybrid workplace solution not only delivers your employees’ needs —flexibility, agility, and mobility—it also ensures business continuity through security, compliance, and standardised procedures.

We understand the complexity in deploying hybrid working solutions to meet the requirements of your new digital reality. Our teams are dedicated to help you embark on a new journey, by developing a thorough understanding of your workforce, your current technology stack, and what is needed to make your hybrid workplace vision come to life.

Our Hybrid Workplace

Connect & Collaborate

Deliver a user experience that enables effortless connectivity and collaboration across teams, workspaces, and locations. Create better work experiences and increase employee engagement with world-class voice and video conferencing technologies, interactive displays, and meeting room solutions.

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Workspace Management

Enable the workplace of tomorrow, today—by unleashing the full potential of your workspace. Maintain and improve your operational functions, with a dynamic and agile workspace management tool.

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Smart Devices

Give your people the best digital experience. From tablets and videoconferencing to intelligent printers and the Internet, empower your people to work seamlessly and more effectively in a safe and secure environment.

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Why Ricoh?

We believe in transforming information into actionable insights. We deploy expertise and technology to simplify complexity, clarify direction, and help you uncover opportunities.

How we create hybrid workplaces

Advisory & Design

Advisory & Design

We work with our customers to understand their business objectives and barriers.



We build the right solutions and successfully deploy to optimise adoption.

Managed Services

Managed Services

We work towards building a foundation of trust ensuring a successful partnership.

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Ricoh and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft Teams Rooms

In the hybrid workplace, how do we ensure all attendees—whether in offices or remote—can fully participate in meetings? Many room systems are designed primarily for people in the room, with remote users feeling left on the outside looking in. Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to deliver inclusive meeting experiences with all participants in mind. With a rich ecosystem of connected meeting devices powered by an intuitive app built for Microsoft Teams, Teams Rooms turn any meeting spaces into an easy-to-use and inclusive collaboration space where everyone has a seat at the table, regardless of where they sit.

Ricoh has a strategic global relationship with Microsoft and extensive experience deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. We can help you modernise your workspaces, enhance meeting room experiences, and ensure your people stay focused on the business instead of being burdened by meeting room logistics.

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