3 ways your business needs to be connected

by Communications & Collaboration 08 Feb 2019

Technology to keep up with a changing workplace

In a changing world, your business needs to be connected to your customers, suppliers and staff. Here are three key ways you need to be connected now:

Video conferencing that works

Video conferencing is a smart way to keep staff connected across locations, but it has been notoriously unreliable and problematic. Smart conferencing solutions now support seamless and reliable video and web meetings where staff can communicate easily and share content for collaboration and connection.

IP based solutions provide real-time, interactive audio and video communication – freeing your team from the constraints of conventional video conferencing systems and the expense of ISDN lines.

A video conference solution that doesn't need a fixed video conference room or device means it’s easier to transform any space into a meeting and easier to share data for increased productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Ricoh tip: Look for simple and cost-effective solutions that provide consistent and efficient connections. When you need it, you need to know it will work. Using the same provider across your business means easier connections.

Mobile device management for true flexibility

Managing mobile devices and applications across your workforce is critical to a connected and productive business. Mobile device management (MDM) is more than administration of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices – it's a way of monitoring and managing secure access to ensure an always on workforce using secure systems.

But there are a range of challenges to successfully manage risk, security, devices and policies for your end user management. Your MDM solutions should offer:

  • tracking of device location and use so you can control unauthorised access
  • configuration of device settings and policies to protect your business from malicious intent by an employee or outside source
  • secure access your employees trust so that systems are used to their potential
  • efficient systems which reduce costs of mobile users and support
  • automated processes for cost-effective software and app upgrades.

Ricoh tip: Device security is the biggest issue your business faces in mobile device management. Talk to your IT partner about device security and protecting your data if a device is lost or stolen.

Interactive whiteboards for collaboration

The days of clunky software and infrastructure for office whiteboards are over. The new generation of whiteboards are actually interactive flat panels that you can use to turn any flat, hard surface into a space to communicate, share data and visuals and collaborate. It's about more than a presentation – the best solutions will let you collaborate on a document or presentation then and there, with all users being able to edit and have real time input.

Look for lightweight, portable and easy to set up and use solutions that let you work within your own SOE and use your own devices so you’re not compromising on security. Keep it practical with touchscreens, integration with software like Skype for Business, and being able to print directly from the application.

Ricoh tip: Don’t leave your staff behind when you introduce a new interactive whiteboard system. If you don’t give them the training and tools to use the system effectively, you’re throwing away boosted productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Ask your IT partner about training and support to make the most of your solution.

Connect to your business future

These three ways your business needs to be connected now are just one part of your business journey to digital transformation and a connected workforce. Are you keeping up with the digital age?

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