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by Communications & Collaboration 08 Feb 2019

Ricoh's Flex Integrated Cloud delivers the operational transformation you need to digitally manage your printing and documents while cutting costs. Let’s take a look at just how it improves your productivity and ROI.

Why you need Ricoh’s Flex Integrated Cloud

Most content, information and data these days is only ever created and exists in digital form. Right? Wrong! While we all dream of the paperless office, we can still look around our workspaces and see piles of unclaimed print-outs and other documents that need to find their way into a digital format so they can be stored, shared or secured.

There’s often a lot of wasted and lost productivity as time is devoured searching for documents, getting them printed or scanned and stored. Not to mention the security issues when sensitive documents get left forgotten in printer trays! That’s why everything should be efficiently and securely stored in the cloud. In truth, though, physical documents still underpin a lot of what it takes to get business done. The good news is that Ricoh's Flex Integrated Cloud can digitally manage all of your documents and printing needs all while simultaneously reducing your expenditure.

What is Flex?

Ricoh’s Flex Integrated Cloud Environment helps you get more productivity out of your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices (MFD) without the need for servers, system integration, software updates or on-going maintenance. The setup is straightforward. Just select whichever Flex apps you need presented to users on the device interface and your custom configuration is pushed automatically to all of your Flex enabled Ricoh devices.

Flex Cloud is designed to maximise the use and productivity of your MFD assets, not to mention reduce wastage and unnecessary print costs that can quickly add up. Most importantly, Flex Cloud adds a layer of cloud security to your entire document. Let’s take a closer look at how Ricoh Flex Cloud makes your business more efficient.

An easy first step in your digital transformation

Swapping out time-consuming manual processes and “work-arounds” for scanning with automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and file conversion is a pretty good place to start. Scanned documents become searchable and are easily converted to editable digital file formats including SPDF, Word and Excel. No need to re-type documents or data, which saves time and makes it even simpler to find, work and collaborate on documents.

You can scan directly to email or other secure cloud apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, Evernote and Salesforce. From your Flex Cloud enabled device, you select the destination app, adjust the settings and then scan your documents so they appear as digital files in your chosen app account. No more need for weird and potentially insecure work-arounds like emailing your documents to yourself, saving them and then re-uploading them on a separate device.

Custom built for scale

All business work differently. The way you choose to manage, store, print and share information varies depending on many factors, like the type of business you have, where your customers are located and how mobile and/or remote your workforce is. Ricoh has a range of tailored Flex Cloud connectors with the digital processes pre-configured to suit different environments: office, advanced office, education and legal. Within each option there are further adjustable settings to help customise the apps and processes for your business it’s up to you.

Most importantly, however, is the ability to adjust and scale your package as your business changes and grows. Adding new devices or apps is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require a major IT operational shift: There’s nothing more frustrating than a business infrastructure that can’t adapt to the shifts and changes of your business, market and workforce needs. With Ricoh Flex Cloud, we take care of the technology so you can focus on growing your business and getting more productivity out of your infrastructure and people.

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