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Records lifecycle management is a critical consideration in organisations, as it is linked to risks and satisfying regulatory and legal requirements. However, traditional manual approaches could deter you from facilitating effective governance, exposing risk to higher costs and litigation concerns.

The challenge? Retaining documents—physically or digitally—across different periods of time, according to their financial, legal, and administrative requirements. These vary from proof of contracts, agreements, and financial transactions to day-to-day business operation paper trails.

With Ricoh’s expertise and technology partnerships, you can eliminate the challenges your employees face in managing records the traditional way. Enable an automated records management framework that manages a record’s lifecycle from start to finish, while meeting optimal governance and compliance standards.

Our Records Management Solutions


Records Management for Microsoft 365
and SharePoint with AvePoint Cloud Records

Concept of laptop screen showing Microsoft 365 and AvePoint Cloud Backup icons

Learn how Ricoh’s expertise in Records Management and AvePoint Cloud Records eliminates the challenges of conventional records management tasks for employees.

Manage electronic content (such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint on-premises, and file systems electronic content) and physical records efficiently while achieving compliance, all without requiring user intervention.

Provide your team with:
  • A single interface with flexible retention and disposal rules
  • Quick access to multiple reports
  • Simultaneous and seamless management to physical and electronic records.


With Ricoh and AvePoint Cloud Records, you can:

Icon - automate business

Automate business rules

Apply and manage rules for every step of your content lifecycle—from creation to classification and retention.

Icon - maintain oversight

Maintain oversight and compliance

Built-in and comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting and auditing tools help organisations meet global regulations, international standards, local legislation and laws, and internal policies.

Icon - streamline processes

Streamline processes

Effectively scan, identify, and classify content and taxonomy processes into Taxonomies and File Plans via a single interface.

Icon - determine lifecycle outcomes

Determine your content lifecycle outcomes

Allow records administrators to build rules that are action- or date-based, automated or manual, with any metadata.

Icon - manage records

Manage records centrally

Manage physical and electronic files simultaneously, allowing your records manager to oversee the entire lifecycle from a centralised location.

Laserfiche Records Management

Laptop screen showing Laserfiche logo

A pioneer in supporting organisations in highly regulated industries, Laserfiche’s record management tools provide an unparalleled 360-degree overview of records, strengthening compliance across every content and process.

Its centralised platform automates routine records management tasks, flexibly sets retention schedules, and more, so that you can focus on building your governance. 


With Ricoh and Laserfiche, you can have:

Icon - centrealised convenience

Centralised convenience

View record timelines, modify properties, and perform actions like cut-offs and final dispositions from a single location.

Icon - regultory compliance

Regulatory compliance across all devices

Centrally store a single copy of a record, enforcing records management policies across all devices.

Icon - safeguarded recorded

Safeguarded records

Activate granular user permissions and built-in platform security to safeguard records from inappropriate or unauthorised access.

Icon - automated notifications

Automated notifications

Keep up to date on the status of records with automated notifications on when to archive or destroy records.

Icon - strict compliance

Strict compliance support

Preserve records in a non-readable, non-erasable format, according to the most stringent policies and regulations, including FINRA and VERS.

Icon - routine task

Routine task automation

Classify incoming documents automatically and apply the relevant retention rules to promote consistency.

Icon - quick easy report

Easy and quick reports

Generate records reports quickly to identify items that need reviewing or processing.

Icon - records transparency

Records transparency

Maintain audit reports to track records activity and publish records on a public portal to satisfy compliance requirements.

Icon - legal holds

Legal holds

Flexibly pause a record’s lifecycle to support e-discovery matters, including for legal or regulatory action.

Empower your employees with:


Centralised convenience
Regulatory compliance across all devices
Safeguarded records
Automatic notifications
Strict compliance support
Routine task automation
Easy and quick reports
Records transparency
Legal holds

Why Ricoh?

Ricoh is a leading provider of digital services, process automation, and information management solutions designed to support digital transformation and optimise business performance. Backed by an 85-year history of cultivating knowledge and nurturing organisational capabilities, Ricoh empowers the creation of digital workplaces utilising innovative partners and technologies, providing the expertise and services that enable individuals to work smarter from anywhere.

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Advisory and Design

We work with our customers to understand their business objectives and barriers.

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Build and Deploy

We build the right solutions and successfully deploy to optimise adoption.

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Manage and Support

We manage and support the deployed solutions and tech environment proactively.

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