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With the Ricoh Business Booster Program, we are able to give our customers the level of support they need in all areas of their business. The US hosted portal is made available for our Commercial & Industrial Print (CIP) customers globally to access business tips, strategies and whitepapers from industry experts along with a number of marketing materials.

It was created for busy business owners in a demanding print industry to enable access to relevant content to assist them in focusing on their own business development.

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Once a Ricoh customer is registered you get:
  • Entry to the Business Booster site with continually updated content that keeps pace with our industry.  This includes targeted tactics to reach customers within vertical markets and helpful guides on how to develop marketing strategies and business plans.
  • Support from InfoTrends consultants and Ricoh’s knowledgeable team of production print specialists.
  • Professionally designed hi-res print samples and customisable files for use in your marketing efforts.
  • A full-line of product images and output samples to use in capabilities brochures and presentations.
  • Product demos and finishing videos that deliver quick overviews, assist with staff training and help educate customers – download assets and post to your website.
  • The Ricoh Essentials Production Guide & iPad App filled with industry guides and business tools.
  • Exclusive InfoTrends research traditionally only available through a paid subscription.
  • Monthly emails with tips to increase efficiency and production.
  • Our Learn How to Series highlighting trending topics relevant to the production print industry.
  • Invites to special promotions and surveys throughout the year.
  • Business assessments that help you identify your position in the industry and potential areas of growth.
  • The experience, power and expertise of Ricoh as a trusted partner.


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