Frontline Print

by Ricoh Australia

The Ricoh Pro C7110SX has all the features we had been looking for, and asking our suppliers for.

Wayne Goodsell - Director, Frontline Print

Frontline Print is on the front line of just about every digital print battlefield with the new Ricoh press

Frontline Print now has a competitive edge with their new RICOH Pro C7100SX. With the option of white and clear toner and lower fuser temperatures, Frontline Print has expanded its product range and production volumes, resulting in increased sales and the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

The name is appropriate, for a company that specialises in not specialising. Frontline Print is capable of handling every foreseeable request from a long list of clients that the company has built through always saying yes – and delivering on promises. Directors Wayne and Colleen Godsell started the company back in the early ’80s, and focused on printing digitally when most people had no idea what that meant. 

It was a request from a big customer that turned Wayne’s head around to digital print, and it has not turned back since. “We started the company in 1984, printing variable data price tickets for retailer Big W, which we did for a few years,” recalls Wayne. “Then one day I received a call from Big W informing us they were switching over to barcodes and could we handle that." Wayne diversified Frontline Print into barcodes, and developed a penchant for tackling new product lines by taking on new digital technology to handle them. 

Reaching new product and service levels with Ricoh

In its ongoing campaign to stay several steps ahead of its competitors Frontline Print recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C7110SX digital press to both improve its production volumes and to broaden its already varied product range.

“The Ricoh Pro C7110SX has all the features we had been looking for, and asking our suppliers for,” says Wayne. “It has definitely brought new products to our range with its ability to lower fuser temperatures. That allows for a greater variety of stocks to be used. 

“One that surprised me was a custom-sized envelope run of 4,000 with a full mail merge of variable data, and it ran without a jam. The white and clear toner is an absolute winner, as well as the long sheets which enable us to do tri-fold A4s double-sided with variable data, which we previously had to outsource.

“The Ricoh Pro C7110SX fitted into our workflows and processes seamlessly using the same rip – we had no problem at all. Our operators love it, and it took three months before we needed our first service call,” he said.

Frontline Print uses a sophisticated online presence for accepting much of its business, which not only makes ordering for clients quicker and simpler, it also makes Frontline’s internal processes faster. "Our website generates orders from all over Australia and New Zealand and they come in 24/7.”

The Ricoh Pro C7110SX has also meant that turnaround times can be reduced to offer customers a special service.“We offer a fast one or two-day turnaround on many products - we do charge extra for this service but customers are happy to pay for it. We also have customer templates stored online so they can order customised products with online proofing and payment, which of course means no artwork delays, no chasing money and a better priced product.”

What’s next for Frontline?

According to Wayne Godsell, even more of the same drive for specialised services and products, including a greater range of booklets and brochures. “Unless a new machine comes on the market we will probably invest in another Ricoh Pro C7110, only this time with a Plockmatic booklet maker attached,” he says. There is just no holding him back from taking on new business opportunities.