Enhance collaboration and business intelligence in the hybrid workplace

It’s sobering that 60% of Australian businesses don’t have clarity around their systems and processes, and they know it’s holding back efficiency. When nearly two-thirds of leaders report productivity loss when introducing new systems and processes, the low-risk approach is an integrated system of content and workflow management built for functionality, security and access.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across Australia— we know digital transformation starts with how you manage your documents, files, information and data.

Ricoh Content and Workflow solutions mean no business needs to put up with second rate data collection, expensive archiving invoices, or risk breaching the security of personal and business information. Get ready for a practical approach to inspire your business.

Our Approach

Your business is complex, however digital work ecosystem shouldn't be. From planning to deploying and maintaining, we’re your partner in creating a world-class content and digital workflow automation. Throughout our engagement, we provide full project, service and change management assistance as you implement your enhanced content and workflow infrastructure. With services that are attuned to the actual requirements of your employees, you can benefit from higher productivity, as well as potentially freeing up additional space for the rest of your operations.

  • We understand where the business is heading as compared to current activities and motivations.

    We work with you to understand your business objectives and barriers to content and workflow. Then we develop a customised solution incorporating new technologies to keep your people connected wherever they are.

  • We build the right solution for your business

    Our team works with you to construct a delivery framework to suit your business environment. Training and change management are included to streamline adoption and user experience.

  • We build a relationship and trust with you

    Technology changes fast. You need to be confident your tools are future proof. Our managed services can proactively manage your tech environment, providing both on-site and remote support.


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