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Unified Communications

Overcome the separation of space and stay connected

Adapt to change and meet disruption head on without stopping your business.

Unlock your work place and overcome distance with Ricoh’s Unified Communications allowing you to work and stay connected from home, collaborate with anyone while working from the office, connecting students with their teachers, and doctors with their patients via secure, cloud video conferencing.

  • Unified Communications — high quality video meetings, total interoperability, flexible deployments.
  • Work from Home — enrich and intensify the meeting experience with headset and webcam bundles
  • Connect from Work — do more with less that enables everyone to meet, irrespective of meeting room technology and device.
  • Teach from Anywhere — teach and learn from home or teach from the classroom to students anywhere.
  • Remote Health - secure, reliable video visits and consultations for healthcare providers and patients

How does it work?

Communication is part of Ricoh’s heritage and is even more critical in today’s modern workplace. We’re experts designing, integrating, and supporting smart meeting and communication solutions. We can keep your customers, staff and partners connected so your business can get the most from group video meetings, content sharing, chat, scheduling, app intuitive controls, dashboard management, live streaming and recording across today’s typical platforms and devices. Our experience is that Communication is the key to business continuation.

How is it implemented?

We work closely with you to understand your business objective and the technology to match. Once we know a little more about your business and your IT, we design a configurable solution tailored to fit your business day.


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  • Enterprise Meeting Room Connector

    Simplify video collaboration for any meeting room & maximize your existing hardware infrastructure.

    Native integration

    Pexip natively integrates with the Microsoft Teams workflow. Scheduling meetings from Teams or Outlook automatically inserts video conferencing dial-in details.

    Seamless & Simple

    Single button to join meeting that is interoperable, firewall traversal, provides call control with Microsoft Teams or Google Meets

    Enrich Experiences

    Full HD audio and video experience, as well as full content sharing between all participants.

  • Remote Health

    Provide consultations remotely – Patients receive consultations remotely

    Optimise the benefits of Telehealth and Telemedicine with reduced patient to patient and patient to medical staff exposure through remote consultation.

    Provision of access to care in rural areas or patients incapable of travel enabling faster, and more personalised diagnosis and treatment with improved patient satisfaction in instances in primary care.

    Simple and familiar technology integration with into existing platforms including Epic*, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meets, Cisco, Polycom from any smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

    Manage integrations to create a seamless user experience, deploy how you want, and manage it all using a single, secure interface

  • Teach from Anywhere Virtual Classrooms

    Teach from home – Learn from home

    Empower your students with virtual learning technology that allow students to learn from any location using user-friendly cloud video conferencing platform.

    Make education access available with limitless attendance, and space for everyone in online classrooms and enrich the experience through visual interaction, so the class can see the teacher, and the teacher can see the class

    Teacher in classroom - students at home

    Empower your teachers with virtual learning technology that allows them to teach with ease, and not have to worry about technology with user-friendly cloud video conferencing platforms.

    Engage your students and enrich the learning experience and invite enriched collaboration through Ricoh’s Interactive Collaboration Hub* that is simple and fast set up

    * Interactive Collaboration Hub allows to use any unified Communication platform

  • Unified Communications Video Conferencing

    High-quality video meetings

    Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests. Every time.

    Total interoperability

    Connect all your video conferencing technology with a single solution.

    Flexible deployments

    A cloud-native platform provided as a service or deployed as a self-hosted solution either on-premises or in any cloud environment.

    Security & privacy

    Compliant with GDPR, Calls encrypted by default, ISO27001 certified, Media maintained in regions

  • Work from Home

    Ricoh Unified Communications

    A secure cloud video conferencing service that provides interoperability using a Virtual Meeting Room. Virtual Meeting Room enables you to hold a video meeting with many video participants who can all hear and see each other, as well as share content.


    High quality video with automatic light level adjustment


    Over-ear, in-ear, Bluetooth and rechargeable headphone solutions

    Stop the noisy conference calls with advanced echo and noise cancellation

  • Logitech

    We partnered with Logitech to help customers connect and interact with the digital world.

  • Pexip

    We use Pexip to connect your business with your virtual Meeting Needs.