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Process Automation

Improved customer and employee experience by automating mundane tasks

Go from information overload to intelligent business with smarter capture, storage, management, automation and optimisation of your business content.

Your business carries out data-driven tasks manually every day. It’s costly, inefficient and runs the risk of process failure or human error. Process Automation improves the customer journey by simplifying interactions, speeding up processes and reducing costs. The right processes complement people, reduce processing times and improve data accuracy.

Rules-based automation solutions with decision-making capabilities — like machine learning and cognitive technology — will dramatically reduce risk and improve customer experience by improving response times and increasing performance.

Our suite of Process Automation solutions can:

  • Save time and reduce errors — streamlined, simplified processes
  • Improve customer and staff experience — straight-through processing of onboarding, sales order processing, case management and operational workflows
  • Cut down on manual re-keying of data — extract data from websites without typing
  • Make integration affordable — automating content migration from legacy systems
  • Reduce compliance and privacy issues — align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards

Accelerate your digital transformation journey by automating your processes.

  • Kofax

    We use Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform to transform your business processes by reducing manual work, cutting costs and improving customer engagement.

  • Nintex

    Manage, automate, and optimise your processes with no code using Nintex, the market leader in end-to-end process management and workflow automation.

  • UIPath

    UiPath’s leading Robotic Process Automation is a complete software platform to automate your business processes.