Capture and index with confidence

Prevent post-scan rework with tools that validate data accuracy during the capture process. Intelligent Exception Processing lets you immediately identify missing information on a document, like a signature. Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable information for review.



  1. Time and cost savings
    Intelligent Job Select automatically switches jobs and profiles while scanning large batches, eliminating the need for manual intervention 
  2. Data integrity
    Intelligent Exception Processing identifies missing information on a document while Intelligent Quality Control flags questionable information for review
  3. High quality images
    High quality imaging delivers accurate data for business applications
  4. Simultaneous scanning
    Dual Stream scanning delivers OCR-optimised black and white, and archive-ready colour images in one scan
  5. Advanced indexing
    Intelligent Barcode Reading automatically reads barcodes, extracts, indexes, and routes data to preferred locations
  6. Comprehensive file formats
    Choose from traditional TIFF and JPEG to a variety of PDF format options