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Consulting Services

We understand accurate and relevant information is vital to making informed decisions in business.

Our consulting services help you understand your environment, benchmark against industry best practices and competitors, and identify opportunities for cost savings and business improvement.

Consulting services to suit your business

  1. Office consulting
    Analysing your printing environment to develop a tailored print management policy
  2. Environment and sustainability
    Understand your environmental impact and meet sustainability targets across energy and resource consumption, carbon emissions and wastage
  3. Print auditing
    Get a complete picture of how much your organisation's printing is costing, and how to transition to a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly fleet
  4. Business solutions
    Develop software solutions specific to your organisation's needs to increase efficiency of document input, output and management processes
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What our consulting services deliver

  • Streamline internal processes for TCO (total cost of ownership) savings
  • Sustainability Management Services to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption
  • Service level requirements and continuity plans
  • Productivity enhancements, such as improved print workflow specifications
  • Recommended best practices and printing policy
  • Manage outputs costs by optimising print volumes, quality and costs
  • Document security advice
  • Optimise your technology platform to produce more with less
  • Modify user behaviour to encourage efficient printing and minimise waste