Searching for regional and rural customer service champions: Ricoh sponsors the Australian Community Achievement Awards 2021

07 Jun 2021

The COVID crisis made last year a challenging one for businesses and business owners across regional and rural Australia. Many were forced to navigate lockdown restrictions and overcome supply chain disruptions, to ensure they could keep serving their customers. In 2021, they’re continuing to go above and beyond, as local communities and the Australian economy recover and rebuild.

It’s a ‘can do’ ethos which resonates at Ricoh Australia. Customer service has always been at the heart of our business. That’s why the company is delighted to sponsor the Community Achievement Awards 2021, in NSW/ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

The Ricoh Australia Customer Service Award will recognise an individual in each state who provides excellent and innovative service that benefits customers and contributes to the success of the business they own or work in.

Nominations for all of the Community Achievement Awards categories open on the following dates:

  • Victoria – Monday 24 May, 2021
  • Western Australia – Wednesday 26 May, 2021
  • Queensland – Thursday 3 June, 2021
  • NSW/ACT – Tuesday 8 June, 2021
  • South Australia – Wednesday 9 June, 2021

“At Ricoh Australia, we’re focused on moving forward with new ideas and new ways to improve lives,” said Brian Wood, National Sales Manager – Wholesale, Ricoh Australia.

“Our company has earned a reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations and we’re delighted to come together once again with Awards Australia, to honour individuals who do likewise – outstanding Australians whose efforts have a positive impact on the regional and rural communities where they live and work.”

“Ricoh’s ongoing sponsorship of the annual Customer Service Awards makes it possible for us to celebrate businesses in country Australia that make customer service their highest priority, come what may,” said Geoff Griffin, Managing Director of Awards Australia, the company that operates the Community Achievement Awards.

Award winners in each program will receive a prize package. For example in Victoria, winners receive $2000 into an account in their name from Westpac, or a PRIME7 Television Package. One of the category winners will be named the Westpac Regional Achiever of the Year and will receive an additional $2000 and a state trophy.

For more information or to nominate a customer service champion in your state, simply go online to Awards Australia.