RICOH Supports Australia’s Hybrid Workplaces To Emerge Stronger With Always Current Technology v1.2

10 Jun 2021

Sydney, 10 June 2021 - RICOH, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has launched version 1.2 of its Always Current Technology platform enabling Australian businesses to access the latest features and functionality for their multifunction printer (MFP) devices through regular downloadable updates.

Erasing the requirement to upgrade from one MFP model to another, this latest version of the Always Current Technology platform enables RICOH to deliver timely solutions to improve device functionality and simplify operation within a select range of its A3 and A4 monochrome as well as colour multifunction printers (MFPs) through regular downloadable updates.

RICOH Always Current Technology’s smart updates are enabled by default on compatible MFPs. Organisations no longer need to wait until the end of a contract to upgrade their MFPs to receive the latest features and benefits, as new applications can be downloaded directly from the RICOH Application Site.

At the same time, as RICOH devices conform to the IEEE 2600 standards, they don’t share the security vulnerabilities of other generally available MFPs. Users are therefore assured that their device security is up to date now and in the future.

Sul Koralege, Assistant Product Manager, RICOH Australia, said, “We look forward to working with Australian businesses to ensure that our customers reap maximum return on investment and benefit from RICOH MFPs through Always Current Technology.

“Organisations which invest in RICOH can be confident that their device functionality and value will increase over time enabling them to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic period ahead. RICOH Always Current Technology ultimately enables today’s hybrid workplaces to take advantage of new smart, secure, sustainable and scalable feature functionality.”

RICOH Always Current Technology is an enabler and a core part of the RICOH Dynamic Workplace Intelligence ecosystem developed by the organisation to empower businesses with feature functionality, including RICOH Intelligent Devices, RICOH Smart Operation Panel, RICOH Application Site, RICOH Smart Integration and RICOH Intelligent Support.

For further information related to RICOH’s recently enhanced user features included in this version, please visit:


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