Ricoh attends the Bunkasai 2018 festival at Wellers Hill State School

by Ricoh Australia 30 Oct 2018

Ricoh strengthens its relationship with Wellers Hill by helping students and visitors discover how technology and education can blend together to create an immersive learning experience. 

Wellers Hill’s successful Japanese immersion program has made the school a standout among its peers and this year's event was bigger and better than ever before!

At the Bunkasai 2018 festival students and visitors were immersed in Japanese cultural performances, food and drink along with the chance to discover exciting new Ricoh technologies by the school children at the independent public school at Tarragindi, Brisbane.

 Wellers Hill State School students drumming at Bunkasai 2018 festival

Principal John Webster at Wellers Hill State school says, “Most exciting for us has been our partnership with Ricoh where the use of Ricoh's interactive panels provides our educators with the ability to carry lessons across different classrooms using the same Wi-Fi network. It is quite spectacular what Ricoh’s panels are able to do for Wellers Hill in terms of providing quality education for the children in both Japanese and English,” when asked about how Ricoh technology is being utilised by students within the school. 

During the Bunkasai festive Ricoh showcased the Paper Aquarium application, displaying how the future of education is enhanced with the use of technology. In this application children drew a picture on paper, scanned it and the picture came to life in a digital world. 

 Classroom at Wellers Hill State School during Bunkasai 2018 festival

With the use of Ricoh technology these pictures were projected onto a large screen where they started to move, these different movements were made possible by Ricoh's image technology which analyses the drawing patterns and colours. An amazing tools for the children to bring their imagination to life. 

In the midst of the Bunkasai festival Ricoh also showcased Ricoh 360° snap using Ricoh Theta camera, this compact yet powerful camera shoots everything in 360 degrees. With the aid of the Ricoh MFD to print out images in a polyhedron cut out children could use their fine motor skills to shape the image.

Project using Ricoh Theta camera at Wellers Hill State School