Ricoh achieves highest number of individual certifications through nbn’s ICT Channel Program

by Ricoh Australia07 Jul 2020

Leading provider of smart workplace technology, Ricoh has announced that it now has the highest number of certified business nbn™ advisers in Australia through nbn’s ICT Channel Program. This is a testament to the organisation’s drive to invest in achieving and maintaining the skills, knowledge and experience required to support businesses to embrace their full digital potential and future-fit workplaces.

With connectivity essential for businesses today, providing customers with the ability to deliver a positive experience for their employees and customers is crucial. Ricoh’s IT portfolio of services deliver solutions for customers’ technology and communications requirements to improve the way they function, collaborate and share information. These services include moving business processes to the cloud and the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), as well as ushering in smarter connectivity solutions, cloud adoption, SD-WAN, collaboration, digital automation and on-premise or hosted print solutions.


As a business nbn™ accredited adviser, Ricoh can deliver services and support for customers looking to transition to the nbn™ network and help optimise their digital transformation strategy with business nbn™ solutions as the connectivity foundation.^ With Ricoh’s team of certified business nbn™ advisers spread nationwide, Ricoh is able to provide businesses with critical carriage support so that they can deploy new operating models for blended remote and office-located workforce environments, tailored to suit their requirements.


During the course of the past year, Ricoh has focused on building on its successful track record for implementing effective carriage solutions by investing in nbn’s training and certifications across the entire business from executive level staff all the way through to traditional technical roles. With connectivity essential for businesses, providing customers with the ability to deliver a positive experience for their employees and customers is critical.


“We're moving to an "Everywhere Workplace" - in fact many would argue that thanks to COVID we're already there,” says Tori Starkey, General Manager - Marketing, Ricoh Australia. “Our focus on business nbn™ adviser certification through nbn’s ICT Channel Program has now enabled us to help more of our customers to facilitate an environment that empowers their people to truly work anytime, across Australia with anybody in a way that works best for them. That's why making the network connection is actually critically important.


“Working with a partner like Ricoh means businesses will get the peace of mind to focus on their business continuity though our ability to provide ongoing local support to not just meet immediate requirements but help better plan for a future fit workplace that's more adaptive to unplanned change.”


A recent example of this was when COVID-19 disruptions saw leading primary healthcare providers, Fullerton Health recognise that its broadband plan would not support the sudden requirement for general practitioners to conduct telehealth consultations across their 55 clinics.


Through discussions with Ricoh, Fullerton Health upgraded its original plan which was based on the peak wholesale speed tier of 25Mbps/5Mbps to a business nbn™ solution based on the peak wholesale speed tier of 100Mbps/40Mbps and an Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA) between nbn and their internet service provider with a fault rectification target time of 12 hours across 55 of their clinics.



Fullerton Health National IT Manager, Marcus Jasper, says, “The (business nbn™) solution helps ensure video and voice quality is strong, even when multiple doctors within a centre are conducting telehealth sessions at the same time. There is also little disruption or slowdown for other network users.‡


“Working with Ricoh has confirmed for us how important the selection of the right carrier is for a business,” he says. “Thanks to Ricoh and business nbn™, we now have in place an infrastructure that can support our centres as they go through this transition to a telehealth way of operating.


“At the end of the day, Ricoh blew away the competition. They were offering business nbn™ plans and services at a very good rate and came up with specific options that suited our requirements.”


Tori Starkey added, “Underlying telecommunications is so important as businesses need to be connected for future fit workplaces. Our customers have been quite surprised by some of the additional benefits gleaned from an expansive workplace including increased engagement and teaming as well as better executive coverage - with the ability for leaders to easily drop into calls in many places across the workplace.

“Of course, depending on the industry, they have also realised the potential benefits of increased productivity. As a business nbn™ accredited adviser we're well placed to build smarter ICT solutions where everything just flows, so you're secure and ready for the future. Ultimately, we’re excited to improve work life for customers by providing the tools that Australian businesses need in order to get back to doing what they do best.”



* business nbn™ accredited advisers have undertaken a short course on the nbn™ broadband access network. nbn does not sponsor, endorse or guarantee this press release or any advice given or representations made by Ricoh (including any recommendations to purchase goods and services or purchase telecommunication services over the nbn™ access network from a phone or internet service provider) and does not guarantee the accuracy of this press release or any advice or representation made by Ricoh.

^ business nbn™ is not available on the nbn™ fixed wireless network.

‡ End customer experiences may vary. Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, depends on the nbn™ access network technology and configuration over which services are delivered to your premises, whether you are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, broadband plan, signal reception and how your service provider designs its network). Satellite end customers may also experience latency.