Print service providers to expand application creativity with versatile RICOH Pro C7500 digital colour press

21 Sep 2023

Next generation technology drives captivating colour vibrancy with an expanded gamut, broader application possibilities with wider array of media, and enhanced operator efficiency.

Sydney, September 18, 2023 – Ricoh Australia announces the launch of the next generation Ricoh Pro C7500, designed to empower print service providers (PSPs) to elevate their creative and versatile print production capabilities by achieving richer and more accurate colours.

The latest portfolio addition follows last month’s launch of the high-volume RICOH Pro C9500 digital colour sheetfed press. The application-versatile RICOH Pro C7500, like the Pro C9500, is an evolution of successful Ricoh technologies. It has been developed to further enable agile commercial printers to adapt to an ever-changing print production environment.

Succeeding the RICOH Pro C7200 and Pro C7200x Series, the Pro C7500 is compatible with Ricoh's original special colour toners that include White, Clear, Invisible Red, Gold, and Silver. Its built-in new neon colour profiles can automatically add Neon Yellow and Neon Pink to expand the colour gamut for richer and more vivid colour expression, including blush pink, deep purples and vivid greens. 

New on the Pro C7500 too, is an elastic intermediate transfer belt that enhances support for rough or uneven textured media. It can handle a wide range of grammages from 40 gsm to 470 gsm (compared to the maximum recommended grammage of 360 gsm for the Pro C7200 Series) and has been strengthened to support duplex printed long lengths up to 1030 mm. These developments will enable progressive PSPs to broaden their range of applications with, as examples, light packaging, greeting cards, and wedding stationery, while benefitting from enhanced print quality. 

The Pro C7500 is also equipped with the brand new RICOH Graphic Communications Operating System (GC OS). The newly developed engine controller enables efficiencies in device use, and the intuitive and simple operation of machine settings. Remote access, via a web browser from a PC or tablet, supports streamlined operation in a multiskilled environment where print operators are required to perform numerous tasks. New functions via software updates can be continually added in response to client feedback. 

New as well is a powerful Digital Front End (DFE) developed in collaboration with Fiery that drives operational effectiveness. Additional printing efficiencies and labour-saving functions have also been introduced to reduce time spent on maintenance and support real time trouble shooting. These include the quick and simple changeover of complete units for special colours and improved operator replaceable units to support responsive system maintenance.

"The RICOH Pro C7500 exemplifies our dedication to empowering print service providers with innovative technology and cutting-edge software to continually advance their production environments,” said Henryk Kraszewski, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Ricoh Graphic Communications, Ricoh Australia. “With its expanded colour capabilities, support for various media types, and user-friendly controls, the RICOH Pro C7500 brings a new class of production class hardware to the industry that not only elevates print quality, but also opens up new possibilities for our customers, helping them to deliver on the evolving demands of their clients."

As with the just launched Pro C9500, the RICOH Pro C7500’s capabilities are enhanced by a range of value added software options - including RICOH TotalFlow Supervisor, RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager and FusionPro - that enable clients to maximise their product’s effectiveness and return on their Ricoh investment.

The Ricoh Pro C7500 showcases Ricoh’s commitment to help customers improve the way they work by transforming workplaces through its digital devices and services.

The RICOH Pro C7500 digital colour press will available from November.

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