COVID-19 - A message from Andy Berry

by Ricoh Australia 20 Mar 2020

A message from Ricoh Australia’s MD, Andy Berry on Ricoh’s response to COVID-19

These are extremely challenging and uncertain times. I know, as a community, we will come together and respond to the COVID-19 crisis with compassion and strength. As a country, we have shown our resilience time and again in how much we can achieve through sheer determination and effort. With these sentiments in mind, I would like to share with you Ricoh’s preparedness to fulfil our customers’ needs, support our partners and look after our people by working together to deal with the pandemic. We currently have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our workforce.

Business continuity

We have a business continuity steering committee in place, with representation from across the company, meeting daily to assess current and future risks. Additionally, Ricoh’s supply chain team is regularly modelling scenarios for various global market situations. The committee has a well-developed supply chain management process to manage orders in the current conditions. This process can be further enhanced by active customer feedback on future demands which will assist us in strengthening our business continuity planning.

Supporting our customers

We understand that the COVID-19 outbreak has put many of our customers in an uncertain position. Please be assured that our global and regional teams are continuously monitoring the situation to ensure we are able to mitigate any disruptions to our operations, supply, and customer service. Furthermore, our customer support teams are located within Australia and functioning at full capacity. They are able to provide our clients with exceptional customer care. We have reviewed our inventory and incoming supply chain, and do not anticipate significant disruptions in the near future. Should the situation change our team at Ricoh will contact you with any notable updates.

Employee safety and wellbeing

We have implemented a ‘work from home’ protocol for all employees whose roles are able to be carried out remotely. This is made possible through the investments we have made in creating a resilient and flexible work environment which enables our workforce to work productively from remote locations without reducing service levels. We request that any specific COVID-19 requirements that customers have of Ricoh staff visiting their locations be communicated to us quickly and clearly so that we can incorporate them, where possible, into our protocols and procedures.

The measures we have taken will help to maintain a safe working environment while we continue to work productively and efficiently in the days ahead and stay focused on facing this challenge together. We will continue to share more updates as new information becomes available through our website over the coming days and weeks, should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,


Andy Berry

Managing Director Ricoh Australia