Workplace Innovation Index 2020

by Ricoh Australia24 Feb 2020

The 2020 report compares the strategies and readiness of Australian companies when it comes to driving innovation and adapting to change.

2020 Workplace Innovation Index uncovers:

  • The disparity between organisations equipped for change and those that are not.
  • The communication disconnect between the top and middle management
  • Balancing innovation with immediate day to day productivity.

To succeed in 2020, we need a new lens on how to enable and sustain efficient and productive workplaces, while uncovering new approaches to work-life integration.

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Report highlights

  • 2020 Innovation Index Improvements
    In 2020 the Workplace Innovation Index has a small but positive improvement from 2019. Areas that have improved include ‘attitude to innovation in organisations’, ‘internal processes and procedures’ and catering to ‘human experience’ in the workplace.
  • Barriers to innovation
    The biggest barrier to innovation is available budget (34%) followed closely by ‘staff resistance’ (30%) and cybersecurity (29%). Although available budgets are the most common restriction, resistance to change by staff is proving to create the same type of barriers when introducing innovative changes. Cybersecurity as a barrier shows a level of concern associated with the data breach risks within the regulated operational environment of Australia.
  • Systems and processes
    The biggest improvement from 2019 to 2020 is how internal processes and procedures are executed. In 2020 almost half of organisations are actively reviewing their processes and procedures to integrate current digital technologies. This represents an increase of 12% from 2019.
  • Areas where organisations are investing
    Almost half of organisations are investing in innovation with the aim of improving operational effectiveness. However, reducing costs and operational expenditure is an equally important driver when introducing new digital and innovative capabilities. A large number of businesses utilise innovation to help them with upgrading internal processes and operations or digitising workflows. These findings show that the overall 2020 Index improvement with improved systems and processes is reflective of the investments made in these areas.