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by Ricoh Australia 24 Jan 2019

This report, Innovate for change: How Australian organisations can transform by embracing a culture of innovation and new ways of working, offers a unique insight into attitudes towards innovation and gives practical advice on how business leaders can create inherently more agile companies.

  • Are you innovating for growth, survival, or not at all?
  • What’s slowing you down?
  • Are you investing enough in innovation?
  • Can collaboration inspire growth in your organisation?


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Report highlights

  • Innovation is not a core value for most
    With only one-quarter of respondents reporting innovation is core to their business there is a significant disparity between organisations equipped for change and those that are not. Australian business leaders are wary of the need to innovate with 40 per cent reporting the business must innovate for survival.
  • Management disconnect
    C-suite and senior managers rate their organisation more highly than their department head and middle management counterparts. The C-suite has vision and a plan but is not communicating this effectively to lower levels of management. The closer management is to employees the better they see the reality of a poor innovation workplace.
  • The innovation-to-productivity gap
    Innovation is a goal but is often stifled by the immediate requirement for day-to-day productivity. The findings show that most (60%) Australian organisations don’t have a required level of clarity around systems and processes and this is holding back increases in efficiency.
  • Workplace fragmentation calls for collaboration
    Many organisations do not have the required operations and tools in place to support the required workforce transformation that will enable successful digital transformation.