Workforce transformation needed to accompany digital transformation

by Ricoh Australia 29 Nov 2018

This study by ADAPT CXO advisory and inspired by Ricoh, surveyed Australian C-level IT Executives across a range of industries on technology’s impact on workplace productivity. It reveals that Australia is lagging its global competitors in digital transformation and that Australian business leaders are struggling to deliver workplace transformation strategies.

Read the study to see the findings and recommendations on:

  • Pathways and progress on digital transformation
  • The adaptive workforce
  • Workforce optimisation tools and collaboration technologies
  • Workplace productivity and connectivity

Do you plan to use intelligent technology collaboratively to scale, innovate or deepen expertise?

Figure 2 - Use of Intelligent Technology for collaboration

Use of Intelligent Technology for collaboration graphSource: ADAPT 'Technology's impact on workplace productvity' (2018)

As things stand at present, for many Australian organisations, the envisaged benefits of digitalisation could well be undermined by the presence of outdated work practices within the business.

Peter Hind - Senior Analyst, ADAPT

Report highlights

  • Australia is lagging in digital transfomation
    Using the MIT methodology to measure progress along four pathways to digital transformation, Australia is lagging compared to global progress.
  • The adaptive workforce will have a huge impact..
    and many organisations are unprepared. Respondents anticipated that 32% of their workforce would be ‘adaptive’ by 2025, which represents a 300% percent increase from the state of the current workforce. This is likely to have huge implications for how Australian business operates.
  • There's no time for delay
    Many organisations do not have the required operations and tools in place to support the required workforce transformation that will enable successful digital transformation.

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