Microsoft 365 Governance with Powell Software

14 Dec 2023 Live Webinar 1PM (AEST)

Delving into Powell Teams' Recent Advancements and Our Strategic Roadmap Ahead

Why Attend?

Achieving leadership in the digital domain takes both agility and vision. With the right tools, like Powell Software, you can significantly shape your organization's success. Dive deep with us to understand the challenges faced in traditional IT structures and discover how seemingly minor adjustments can lead to significant benefits in your governance.

Inside This Comprehensive Webinar, Explore:

  • IT's Current Landscape: Powell Software simplifies Microsoft 365 management and untangles digital workspace challenges.
  • Immediate Solutions: Uncover small tweaks that offer substantial productivity and engagement enhancements.
  • Focused Insights:
    • Utilization of Teams & SharePoint Sites: Identify the untapped potential of underutilized Teams and SharePoint sites and learn strategies for their effective revival.
    • Naming Conventions: Witness firsthand different naming practices adopted by organizations for their Teams and SharePoint and take away key lessons from the front lines.
    • Engaging the Guest Users: Delve into metrics surrounding guest users who overlook their Microsoft Entra invitations and gain techniques to enhance this engagement.
    • Creation Permissions: Evaluate the benefits and downsides of allowing free rein in creating Teams, Groups, or SharePoint sites. What's the best approach for your organization?

This session is tailored to arm you with pragmatic insights and hands-on solutions to navigate frequent IT roadblocks within Microsoft 365. By spotlighting Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites and introducing Powell Teams as a linchpin tool for IT Admins, we help you steer past these hurdles and reengineer your governance strategy for optimum efficiency and connection.

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