Integrate Expo 2018

22 Aug 2018 International Convention Centre Sydney 27-29 August 2018

Experience the future of work today

Integrate Expo is your opportunity to interact and test the latest cutting-edge Audio-Visual innovations in the industry and talk to the specialists behind these leading products. Integrate's show floor is a hub of new ideas and a dedicated industry nexus that continues to show the world that Australia is at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Smart Meetings & Workspaces

Work collaboration has reached a new evolutionary plane, where employees expect to be connected from literally anywhere. Employees need an environment where they can work productively and collaboratively. Ricoh’s innovative technology transforms meetings into a collaboration environment by engaging people and improving business performance to create positive change.

Connect & Collaborate by Ricoh promotes the open flow of information through the use of effective, secure technologies. Agile organisations require varied collaborative tools and our solutions focus on excellent user experience, providing seamless and secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, anytime on any platform.

Our services provide real-time interactive audio and video communication with multiple sources via the internet. Unlike conventional video conferencing systems, you don’t need special skills to operate them. Video conferencing can be done anywhere on any platform.

Come and experience Ricoh’s take on Collaboration and Workspaces at Integrate Expo.

  • Visual display tools
  • Interactive solutions
  • Wireless presentation
  • Room booking solution
  • Room control system
  • Virtual huddle space solutions
  • Desk booking & workspace management tools
  • Visitor management tools
  • Implementation & support
  • Digital signage

Ricoh has built a solid reputation for providing the best solutions for unique customer requirements. We meet your specific needs by leveraging innovative technology backed by Ricoh's world-class service and expertise. We partner with you to provide the ideal collaboration tools for sharing rich content and information in the most engaging ways possible. Our industry leading devices, software and managed services create solutions for business meetings and positive education environments.

Organisations today increasingly recognise the benefits of providing employees, partners and customers with a range of integrated communication tools to create a seamless user experience and support faster, more agile collaboration. Ricoh is at the forefront of supplying organisations with the right future-focused solutions for the open flow of information and secure collaboration.

Ragu Satkunam, Portfolio & Strategy Manager – Collaboration