Integrate 2017

29 Aug 2017 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 29 - 31 August 2017

Experience the future of work today

Ricoh immersed visitors in a series of zoned workplace environments at Integrate Expo 2017, showcasing smart workplace technology to boost productivity and collaboration. An integrated training room, a mid-sized meeting room and a casual meeting room huddle space helped businesses see our integrated workplace solutions for themselves. The hands-on approach demonstrated how virtual collaboration (and secure audio, video and content sharing) creates a positive user experience where employees connect seamlessly to anyone, anytime, anywhere on any platform.

Intelligent Workplace Solution

Visitors interacted with Ricoh's Intelligent Workplace Solution, which uses IBM Watson IoT and Ricoh's interactive whiteboards to access intuitive features using natural voice commands.

Meeting and sharing anytime, anywhere

We showcased our cloud-based Video as a Service (VaaS) based on our Unified Communication System (UCS) Advanced Service. More people in more places can collaborate from any device, on any network, from any location.

Smart laser projector solutions

Visitors saw the Ricoh PJ WUL5670 laser light source projector in action. Easy to use, with instant start-up and exceptional image resolution, the projector delivers video, audio control and LAN over a single cable.