ADAPT CIO Edge 2019 - Competing on Experience

21 Jan 2019Grand Hyatt Melbourne20-21 February

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Addressing your need to remain competitive and relevant in the market, a key component behind workplace transformation, is our priority. With 50 years experience working within the Australian technology market, the breadth and depth of Ricoh’s workplace technology solutions is expansive and provides organisations with the extra edge they need to stay ahead of the digital curve.

We invite you to talk to us about how we can transform the way your organisation works with tailored solutions and services across:

  • Collaboration
  • Cloud, connectivity and mobility
  • Enterprise content management and workflow
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Commercial and industrial printing

Competing on Experience

Australia needs systemic and sustainable organisational change. Most Australian organisations were built on transactional product-oriented supply chains, run by siloed functions, organised for scale and consistency. This economy of margins and linear processes is being displaced however by rising employee and customer expectations around technology and frictionless service. Market leaders are now customised service providers with world class digitally enabled EX, CX and UX. Internal collaboration, productivity, agility, talent and customer engagement are at their core. Experience is the new frontier of competitive advantage. Success must come through competing on experience and client outcomes. Incumbents must evolve to operate like digital companies or simply be replaced by them if they do not. In response, boards and CEOs are driving focus on CX and digital transformation, but to limited success because whilst being an employee and customer focused company are simple concepts, they are very difficult to realise.

  • 89% of companies expect to compete on Customer experience (Gartner)
  • Companies with highly engaged employees outperform by 147% (Gallup)
  • 67% of employees will be significantly affected by your digital transformation (MIT)
  • Companies that invest in employee experience are x4 more profitable (MIT)

IT is where businesses now compete, iterate and scale. Technology and data are transforming every industry. All companies must reposition themselves as modern software factories – and their business systems must enable freedom for their staff. In support, after twenty years of IT efficiency through standardisation across systems of record, the CIO and IT team need to spin systems of innovation, new services, experimentation, to test and learn to then iterate and scale. But this is easier said than done. Above all, IT must enable the workforce and modern workplace. Without EX, all other programs will likely stall and whilst tech is the enabler, without user uptake all investment is pointless. ADAPT’s CIO Edge 2019 program will empower the CIO. Experienced, global and contemporary thinkers will offer practical advice for what you need to do right now to deliver on your personal and organisational journey.


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