John XXIII College streamlines and digitises paper-based processes with Ricoh

Situated in Mount Claremont, Western Australia, John XXIII College is one of the state’s leading co-educational schools and an inclusive contemporary Catholic education College catering for students from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12. Established in 1977, it is currently home to more than 1,500 students and 240 committed staff.

We now have in place a digital platform that will support our processes for years to come. Ricoh has both added value and improved the operation of the school. It will continue to add significant benefits.

Bill Quartermaine, Director - Inquiry & Innovation, John XXIII College

Products and Services

Ricoh Laserfiche document workflow management solution combining content management functionality with eForms and Business Process Management engines, security and auditing tools.

Key benefits

  1. Time that was previously spent completing paper forms is now used for value-adding activities such as lesson planning or helping students with their work. More than 65 different processes digitised and accurately working in Laserfiche.
  2. Many older, disparate systems unified into one logical system that is used and understood by all staff.
  3. Improved accountability as staff can see where in the system each form is sitting and where any delays may be preventing completion of the process.

The challenge

Over the years, the college had become increasingly reliant on paper. Workflows underpinning administrative and teaching activities made use of large volumes of paper constantly shifting around the campus.

The organisation wanted to increase the overall efficiency of the school and realised it had to find an effective way to replace a high proportion of paper forms and processes with a digital alternative.

Another desire was to have in place a method of gaining better visibility into the various approval processes being used throughout the school - everything from staff leave requests to student excursions. With a reliance on paper being sent between people and departments, if any delays occurred, it could be difficult to find out where in the process that delay had happened.



The solution

Ricoh’s Laserfiche solution provides the college with a user-friendly option reinforced by local expertise and support from Ricoh in Western Australia.

The outcome

Once Laserfiche had been installed on campus, the team began the task of creating a range of new digital forms. First off the rank was excursion approvals followed by a relief teaching request form and a professional development application form.

Ricoh also assisted with integration of the school’s Maze information system and its Active Directory-based identity management system (Active Directory) to allow single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for staff.

Currently, work is being completed on the digitisation of the school’s enrolment process which will reduce the time required and the administrative burden on both staff and prospective parents. There is also potential for Laserfiche to be integrated with the college’s Microsoft Office 365 stack. This will make it possible to save files directly to Teams and SharePoint document libraries.

The benefits

Standard processes digitised
More than 65 different processes have been digitised and are working in Laserfiche. The excursion permission and consent form has been used more than 6000 times while older, disparate systems have now been merged into one logical system that is used and understood by all staff.

Streamlined and rapid process approvals
Faster turnarounds for approval on leave applications and relief teacher requests. Approvals can be given by simply clicking on a computer screen rather than having to complete a paper form and send it on its way via internal mail.

Improved accountability
Staff can now see where in the system each form is sitting and where any delays may be preventing completion of the process. There are also accurate records of each process which is important, particularly when dealing with sensitive information such as student medical records.