Boston Publishing boost its high-resolution printing capabilities with Ricoh

Print production company Boston Publishing has been operating in the print market for more than 30 years. The company’s Paperlust online print marketplace offers a diverse range of custom invitation and card designs for a range of occasions. Designers can submit their designs to the platform which are then selected by customers via a website. Once an order has been lodged, Paperlust produces the print output and arranges delivery.

The Ricoh Pro C5300S really hit a sweet spot for us. We could see that it had the capabilities to deliver the quality of output we needed, and it was also at a price point that made sense for us. Ricoh worked with us from the outset to ensure the machine was installed correctly and ready to be put into production as quickly as possible. We now have a printing partner who will support our growth well into the future

James Boston, Director, Boston Publishing

Products and Services

Ricoh Pro C5300S production machine with an EFI ES-3000 spectrophotometer to ensure that colour is consistent and imposition templates using EFI Fiery Impose to speed production time.

Key Benefits

  1. Delivery of full-quality outputs at rates of up to 65 pages per minute and resolutions of 2400 by 4800 dpi.
  2. More accurate registration capabilities has slashed the amount of wastage occurring during print jobs from around 30 percent of output to almost zero.
  3. Availability of 25 different stocks available which allows the company to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.


The solution

The Ricoh Pro C5300S production machine had the capabilities to deliver the quality of output the company needed at the right price point.

The outcome

Boston Publishing now has a reliable, high-performance printing platform that will meet its requirements for many years to come.

The benefits

Speedy production time
Imposition templates have been set up using EFI Fiery Impose and saved on the EFI Colour Controller E-27B. This has erased the need for special rules on imposing for certain die-cuts and eliminates the need to relink files for variable data jobs. The company no longer has a complex set of rules for each set of templates which would cause confusion across the team.

A colourful world
An EFI ES-3000 Spectrophotometer ensures that colour is consistent across different stocks and allows the company to print the correct colour on whatever stock it is using and saves the team from having to run test prints to match a colour from a prior order.

Keeping it in-house
A sophisticated booklet finisher unit on the printer removes the need to send booklets out to an external provider and means the company can complete jobs much more quickly.