Ensure your curriculum is up to date with an ECM

18 May 2018

School curriculum decisions are often made at a very high level, and it may take time for these changes to roll down to every school. In many cases, this isn't a worry, as changes could be minor. However, if there is a delay in adopting changes at a specific school or for information to reach them from the top, it could lead to a situation where some students are being taught outdated/incorrect information. This kind of discrepancy is bad for all stakeholders involved, whether teachers, students, administrators or parents of students.

Ricoh can help to create an equitable educational experience for all students.

  • We can set up an enterprise content management (ECM) system that can store all curriculum information centrally to help teachers create lesson plans based on the most up-to-date information.
  • Automatic notifications can alert teachers and department heads when there is a change in the master curriculum document.
  • Data can be generated on how students are responding to new curriculum changes. For example, if a more difficult level of mathematics has been introduced and students are seen struggling with performance – teachers or administrators can log this information to be sent back to the board, which can help inform future curriculum related decisions and updates.
  • If there is a major curriculum change, professional emails can be automatically disseminated to parents.
  • E-textbooks can be linked to Ricoh’s ECM system. These textbooks may be auto-updated, allowing for easier curriculum integrations. There is also a litany of other benefits which comes with digital textbooks.
  • If all lesson notes are digitised, it’s much easier to change them – as opposed to reprinting everything. Changes can also be communicated to students through email.

As a school board, you want your students to have the best educational experience possible. This includes making sure that they are all up to date with the latest government standards. Nobody wants to be behind the times.

Ricoh can help your school get ahead with customisable solutions to fit the exact needs of your school board. We provide comprehensive end-to-end support and can be there every step of the way, as we work together, to make your school the envy of all others.

We have a team of education-focused consultants ready to meet with you and discuss your needs.