Digital printing solutions for the digital office

by Digitise & Automate 08 Feb 2019

Improve the way your company works by liberating your workers with digital printing services and print software solutions that deliver remote printing, security and better workflows.

Think about your own work day. How often are you frustrated by how convoluted, difficult or time-consuming it is to print, scan or in some way manage important documents? You’re either trying to get them securely into or out of the cloud (if you can find them) and often from somewhere that’s not your central place of work. Now extrapolate what it’s like for your sales force who are out of the office constantly, or for the administrative team that looks after your document management on a day-to-day basis.

If you take a step back and think about the waste and time-consuming “fudged” work processes many of us and our workers contend with, it’s likely there’s an opportunity to save your business money, improve the efficiency of how your office works, avoid some risky practices and even save some trees. With secure print and cloud technology, workplaces can and should expect to benefit from what we like to call the “Print Essentials.”

Digital print mobility solutions

Your workers are everywhere now – out with clients, working from home, travelling to see colleagues across the globe or just upstairs. The point is that, unlike once upon a decade ago, modern workers rarely sit in same spot all day connected to one computer and one printer. They are on the move working from different devices at different times in different locations. So print requirements need to move in the same way – be controlled and managed from any device, produced on the nearest available office printer and executed with a minimum of fuss and focus – securely.

RCT Lawyers provide a great example of a smart approach to managing mobile and remote location print management. You can read more in our short case study about how Ricoh deployed “Flex Release” capabilities that allows their staff to send sensitive documents to a particular printer and then have them produce on demand. Leanne Willis, ICT Administrator, explained that “having the same model of printer in each office makes it a lot easier for staff who travel between locations. They also have the option of using the devices to scan documents directly into our Affinity document management system.”

Office printer security

Depending on your business, the ability to manage your documents securely is essential. For legal or financial firms, their bread and butter revolves around personal, and sometimes intensely private, information. But every firm manages sensitive information – be it employee records or the company’s intellectual property.

A little over a year ago IDC MarketScape named Ricoh a global Leader in print and document security. The report noted that Ricoh's "security solutions” portfolio, combined with core competencies in managed services, infrastructure services, workflow services and software development, helped position the firm as one of the leading vendors for addressing security within the print and document environment. "At Ricoh, we say that security is in our DNA," says Jim Berne, the General Manager of Ricoh Australia’s Information Technology division. "We work hard for and with our customers' requirements to assess risk and compliance in the design, implementation and ongoing management of office solutions to keep their information safe. In a world where we are generating more and more data every second, industries, governments and organisations must safeguard that data from bad actors. Ricoh takes security very seriously.”

Printing service workflows

Of course, even the most secure, most mobile and best print hardware can only do so much without smart workflow processes. By re-inventing cumbersome print workflow processes with state-of-the-art software, you can give your workforce more flexibility in the ways they work, creating a better work experience that eliminates frustration and inefficiencies. After all, your people, on the whole, are not hired to manage and print documents. These tasks should be perfunctory – allowing your people to do the work that each person does best, which is the reason you hired them.

We work with companies on workflow processes every day. It’s an important first step in making sure we can deliver a digital print solution that fits the nature and uniqueness of the way the business and its people work.

We worked with Finsec Partners to devise a new approach to document management through smarter workflow management and efficiency practices. As you can learn in this short video, by integrating our Ricoh photocopiers and printers with the Ricoh Workflow solution for Finsec, they were able to transform their office into a virtually paperless environment. As a financial advisory firm, which are traditionally document and paper-based, this has been a transformative and impressive outcome for their business.

So take a moment to step back and think about how your business is adjusting its print essentials to meet modernmobility, security and workflow needs. The good news is that transforming your operations to a more efficient, secure and mobile workplace is now available to companies of any size, anywhere. With connected hardware and transformative cloud software workflow solutions, your business can keep its focus on what it does best.

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