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Pro C7200SL Colour production printer

  • Copy, print, and scan
  • Prints up to 85 ppm
  • Up to 360 g/m2
  • Banner sheet duplex printing

We’ve got all the right moves.

When you need a smooth operator that delivers lush, high-quality colour printing wherever and whenever you need it, look no further than the Pro C7200SL.

Knock your clients’ socks off. This beauty delivers on its promise every time. In fact when the Pro C7200SL gets to work, even your most demanding customers will be enticed by its versatility and nuanced performance, the whisper of completed print runs slipping from the machine into the output trays, the high-speed display of the digital colours with impressive coverage and the rich appearance on deeply textured stock.

From the very first touch, the Pro C7200SL sets an expectation of a memorable finish, and it doesn’t disappoint. Finishing touches include stylish saddle-stitched binding, hole punching, multi folding and ring binding.

This remarkable machine will have you wanting more.

  1. The offer is for Pro C7200SL Bundle which includes Pro C7200SL - EFI Fiery E-36A Print Controller - Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5120 - Finisher SR5050 - Media Identification Unit Type S3 - EFI ES-2000 Spectrophotometer - Metro delivery and installation, and two days of training with two operators during the Promotional Period.
  2. The offer is available between 26 March, 2020 to 30 June, 2020 (“Promotional Period”)
  3. Offer is available to all Australian Businesses with valid ABN
  4. The Promotional Price $45,990 ex GST for bundle inclusions only, copy click charges will still apply
  5. Any variation to the configuration or any additional machine accessories, peripherals will be charged at an additional cost.
  6. Delivery, installation and two days training with two operators are included for metropolitan areas only
  7. Offer available while stocks last
  8. Your acceptance of this offer would be subject to (if you are a current Ricoh customer) the additional terms in your current customer contract with Ricoh or (if you are a new customer) would be subject to Ricoh’s Terms of Sale available at Ricoh’s service and/or finance terms and any third party’s standard terms and conditions (where products or services include third party components) as applicable

Grow your business and meet tight deadlines, with affordable, high capacity colour printing

Accept more types of print jobs and meet deadlines easily. The Pro C7200SL prints high resolution colour to produce a wide variety of applications.

More opportunities, less cost

Deliver beautiful output on short print runs and appease demanding customers. Print a wider range of jobs with double-sided, oversize printing up to 700 mm in length and on heavy weight stocks up to 360 gsm. The paper library makes sure everything is calibrated and ready to go. Further streamline your workload with inline finishing options, ranging from perfect binding and hole punching to multi folding and ring binding.

  1. More paper, less downtime
    Paper capacity can be increased to 16,200 sheets
  2. Print on heavily textured stock
    Amaze your customers with impressive coverage and rich appearance on deeply textured stock
  3. Precision that delivers
    Maintain precision with high definition imaging and mechanical paper registration
  4. Do it yourself
    Handle maintenance issues in house with Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) to maximise uptime
  5. Find what you need
    Use the paper library to configure jobs for specific media and stocks
  6. Scan and send
    Scan colour jobs and share them straight from the device for fast review and approval

Finish it off in style

Improve turnaround times and increase your print capacity. Ricoh’s line of finishers make it easy to print more types of documents, quickly. Create professional saddle-stitched booklets with minimal effort using the booklet maker, folder and trimmers. Fold media in multiple styles to give customers more options. Collate, bind, punch, trim and add or close rings with minimal manual intervention.

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Starting from
  • Copy, print, and scan
  • Prints up to 85 ppm
  • Up to 360 g/m2
  • Banner sheet duplex printing


Copy, print, scan
Printer controller - standard
Printer controller - optional
EFI Fiery colour controller E-36A
640 GB (320 GB x 2)
Document server

640 GB (320 GB x 2) HDD capacity

1.91 GHz
Memory - standard
4 GB
Operation panel
17-inch touch panel
Physical dimensions (WxDxH)—mainframe
1,320 x 910 x 1,230 mm
Physical dimensions (WxDxH)—other
591 x 520 x 175 mm—SPDF
865 x 730 x 1,000 mm—4,000-sheet LCT RT5110
1,054 x 730 x 1,000 mm—4,400-sheet vacuum-feed LCT RT5120
330 x 730 x 1,000 mm—Bridge unit BU5010
690 x 561 x 210 mm—500-sheet multi-bypass tray BY5020
495 x 530 x 175 mm—1,000-sheet A3 tray Type TK5010
1,290 x 730 x 1,000 mm—730-sheet vacuum-feed banner sheet tray Type S9
1,090 x 561 x 210 mm—500-sheet multi-bypass banner sheet tray Type S9, when attached to multi-bypass tray BY5020
1,688 x 1,286 x 950 mm—BDT VX 370-1280 banner sheet feeder
730 x 1,220 x 1,090 mm—Plockmatic LCT3500
330 x 730 x 1,010 mm—Buffer pass unit Type S9
55 x 485 x 190 mm—Decurler unit DU5060
996 x 730 x 1,126 mm—3,000-sheet finisher SR5050, with all extendable trays closed
996 x 730 x 1,126 mm—2,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5060, with all extendable trays closed
1,115 x 591 x 555 mm—Booklet trimmer TR5040
1,113 x 730 x 1,490 mm—4,500-sheet finisher SR5110
1,113 x 730 x 1,490 mm—3,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5120
1,115 x 591 x 555 mm—Trimmer unit TR5050
740 x 730 x 1,290 mm—Cover interposer CI5040
870 x 730 x 1,010 mm—Ring Binder RB5020
540 x 730 x 1,290 mm—2-tray cover interposer CI5030
470 x 730 x 1,000 mm—Multi-folding unit FD5020
1,090 x 791 x 1,387 mm—Perfect Binder GB5010
900 x 730 x 1,010 mm—High-capacity stacker SK5040
1,200 x 700 x 1,100 mm—Plockmatic high-capacity interposer HCI3500
900 x 680 x 1,060 mm—Plockmatic multi-purpose stacker MPS1260
1,420 x 700 x 970 mm—Plockmatic PBM 5035S/PBM 5035, including stacker
265 x 253 x 136 mm—RPIP interface box Type S3
580 kg or less
14 kg or less—SPDF
185 kg or less—4,000-sheet LCT RT5110 
230 kg or less—4,400-sheet vacuum-feed LCT RT5120 
40 kg or less—Bridge unit BU5010
20 kg or less—500-sheet multi-bypass tray BY5020
10 kg or less—1,000-sheet A3 tray Type TK5010
7 kg or less—730-sheet vacuum-feed banner sheet tray Type S9
9.5 kg or less—Multi-bypass banner sheet tray Type S9
443 kg—BDT VX 370-1280 banner sheet feeder
250 kg—Plockmatic LCT3500
90 kg or less—Buffer pass unit Type S9
5 kg or less—Decurler unit DU5060
112 kg or less—3,000-sheet finisher SR5050
112 kg or less—2,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5060
75 kg or less—Booklet trimmer TR5040
135 kg or less—4,500-sheet finisher SR5110
160 kg or less—3,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5120
75 kg—Trimmer unit TR5050
50 kg—Cover interposer CI5040
140 kg or less—Ring Binder RB5020
45 kg or less—2-tray cover interposer CI5030
92 kg or less—Multi-folding unit FD5020
350 kg or less—Perfect Binder GB5010
120 kg or less—High-capacity stacker SK5040
15 kg or less—High-capacity stacker SK5040 roll-away cart
250 kg—Plockmatic high-capacity interposer HCI3500
65 kg—Plockmatic multi-purpose stacker MPS1260 lift unit
5 kg—Plockmatic multi-purpose stacker MPS1260 docking unit
0.55 kg or less—RPIP interface box Type S3
Minimum space requirements

1,000 mm—front
1,000 mm—left
1,000 mm—right
800 mm—rear

Note: PM parts maintenance tasks require additional rear clearance.

Max monthly volume
240,000 prints
Machine life
14,400,000 prints or 5 years, whichever comes first
Duty cycle
650,000 prints per month
Colour ratio
Supply yields

45,000 sheets per 1,482 g bottle of black toner
45,000 sheets per 1,482 g bottle of cyan toner
45,000 sheets per 1,482 g bottle of magenta toner
45,000 sheets per 1,482 g bottle of yellow toner

Note: All CMYK toner yields are measured with the A4/8.75% coverage chart, based on 50 pages per job and 80% duplex printing.

136,000 sheets per waste toner bottle

Note: Based on A4/70% colour rate, 35% colour coverage, 6% black and white.

5,000 staples per Type M cartridge for finishers SR5050 and SR5060—normal staple
5,000 staples per Type U cartridge for finisher SR5060—saddle stitch staple
5,000 staples per Type M staple cartridge refill for finishers SR5050 and SR5060—normal staple
5,000 staples per Type T staple cartridge refill for finisher SR5060—saddle stitch staple


75 sets per ring cartridge

Standard input capacity (sheets)
Maximum input capacity (sheets)
Maximum output capacity (sheets)
Paper input configuration - standard
1,000-sheet x 2 paper input tray, 500-sheet paper input tray, duplex unit, 220-sheet SPDF
Paper input configuration - optional
1,000-sheet A3 tray Type TK5010, 4,000-sheet LCT RT5110, 500-sheet multi-bypass tray BY5020, Multi-bypass attachment kit for vacuum feed LCT Type S9, 4,400-sheet vacuum-feed LCT RT5120, 500-sheet multi-bypass banner sheet tray Type S9, 730-sheet vacuum-feed banner sheet tray Type S9, Bridge unit BU5010, BDT VX 370-1280 banner sheet feeder, Plockmatic LCT3500
Paper output configuration - optional
Buffer pass unit Type S9, Decurler unit DU5060, Perfect Binder GB5010, 2-tray cover interposer CI5030, Multi-folding unit FD5020, Ring Binder RB5020, High-capacity stacker SK5040, 2,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5060, Booklet trimmer TR5040, 3,000-sheet finisher SR5050, Punch units PU5020, 3,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5120, 4,500-sheet finisher SR5110, Punch unit PU5030, Trimmer unit TR5050 for booklet finisher SR5120, Cover interposer CI5040
Paper output configuration - 3rd Party
Plockmatic HCI3500 high-capacity interposer, Plockmatic PBM 350 booklet maker, Plockmatic PBM 500 booklet maker, Plockmatic MPS1260 multi-purpose stacker, Plockmatic PBM 5035S long sheet stitcher, Plockmatic PBM 5035 long sheet stapler, Plockmatic SBT Square Back Trimmer, GBC StreamPunch Ultra
Supported media

Standard paper input tray 1
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched

Standard paper input tray 2
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched, tab stock¹

LCT RT5110 trays 3 and 5
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched, tab stock², glossy/matte paper, OHP transparency, translucent paper, envelope, textured paper

LCT RT5110 tray 4
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched, tab stock², glossy/matte paper, OHP transparency, translucent paper, envelope, label paper, textured paper

Vacuum-feed LCT RT5120
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched, tab stock², glossy/matte paper, OHP transparency, translucent paper, envelope, textured paper

Multi-bypass tray BY5020
Plain paper, recycled paper, pre-printed, letterhead, pre-punched, tab stock², translucent paper

Plockmatic LCT3500
Plain paper, index paper, coated paper, recycled paper

¹—Tab sheet holder option is needed when printing tab stock
²—Tab fence is needed when printing tab stock

Maximum paper size
13" x 19.2"
Media weight (g/m2)
Interfaces - standard
10Base-T/100Base-Tx (Ethernet)
1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet)
SD slot x 3—1 on the controller board, 2 on the operation panel 
USB 2.0 Type A x 6—2 at rear of machine, 4 on the operation panel 
USB 2.0 Type Mini-B x 1—on the operation panel
Network protocols - standard
TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
MIB support
MIB-II (RFC1213)
Host Resources (RFC1514)
Printer MIB (RFC1759)
Printer Port Monitor MIB

Ricoh original MIB
Copy speed

85 cpm—A4 LEF 

Multi-copy speed—A4 LEF 
85 cpm—from memory
95 cpm—from SPDF

First copy time
11 seconds—A4 LEF plain paper, face-up from Tray 1 in single-sided mode
Copy resolution
1,200 dpi, 2-bit
Original size
Original type
Book, sheet, object
Copy size
Custom size—up to 323 x 480 mm
Full image copy
93% and centring
Quantity selection
1–9,999 sets
Zoom range
25–400%, in 1% steps
Enlargement ratios
115%, 122%, 141%, 200%, 400%
Reduction ratios
93%, 82%, 75%, 71%, 65%, 50%, 25%
Image density adjustment
Automatic and manual; manual—9 levels
Copy modes
Text, text/photo, photo, map, pale, generation, inkjet, highlight pen
Colour mode
Automatic colour selection, full colour, black and white, single colour, two colour

Single colour
12 colours and black—default
15 colours—user selection

Two colour
Black and other colour, red and black
Paper selection
Tray 1, tray 2, 4,000-sheet LCT RT5110, 4,400-sheet vacuum-feed LCT RT5120, 500-sheet multi-bypass tray BY5020
Automatic paper selection (APS)
Duplex copy
Single-sided to duplex, duplex to duplex, book to duplex, front and back to duplex
Book copy
Booklet, magazine
Series copy
Book to single-sided, book to duplex, front and back to duplex
Combine copy
2, 4, or 8 pages into 1 single-sided sheet
4, 8, or 16 pages into 1 duplex sheet
Interrupt copy
Size—supported, Directional—in 1% steps, Directional size—in 1 mm steps
Paper library
User codes
1,000 user codes, 8 digits in each code
Cover sheet
Front and back covers—copy or blank; copy single-sided or duplex
Slip sheet
Copy or blank
Up to 100 chapters
Paper designation
Selectable from 3 trays—up to 100 positions
Supported, 4 positions—with finisher
Supported—with finisher
Electronic sorting
Supported—with finisher
Margin/erase adjustment
Margin—in 1 mm steps
Erase inside, erase outside, erase centre and border
Colour adjustment
Colour balance adjustment, colour balance program, colour registration
Image adjustment
Sharp/soft, contrast, background density, under colour removal, automatic colour selection sensitivity, text-photo separation sensitivity, colour erase sensitivity, automatic colour calibration (ACC)
Background numbering—not supported
Page numbering—6 styles
Date stamp—5 styles
User stamp—5 styles
Preset stamp—8 styles
Stamp text—Supported
Image rotation
Print speed colour
85 ppm
Print speed black and white
85 ppm
Printing process
4-drum dry electrostatic transfer system with internal transfer belt
Printing technology
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)
Oil-less belt-fusing method
Toner development
PXP-EQ chemical toner, polymerisation
Print resolution
2,400 x 4,800 dpi—VCSEL
Page description languages (PDLs)
PCL 5c, PCL 6 (XL), PDF

Adobe PostScript 3
Printer drivers


PostScript 3

Printer driver resolution

PCL 5c
300 x 300 dpi—1-bit
600 x 600 dpi—1-, 2-, and 4-bit; default

Note: Supports font cache for high speed printing.

600 x 600 dpi—1-, 2-, and 4-bit; default
1,200 x 1,200 dpi—1- and 2-bit

Note: Supports font cache for high speed printing.

PostScript 3
600 x 600 dpi—1-, 2-, and 4-bit
1,200 x 1,200 dpi—1- and 2-bit

Note: TrueType and Type 1 fonts supported.

600 x 600 dpi—1-, 2-, and 4-bit
1,200 x 1,200 dpi—1- and 2-bit

Note: Supports font cache for high speed printing.

Duplex printing
Envelope printing
Supported—with optional LCT RT5110 and vacuum-feed LCT RT5120

PCL 5c, PCL 6
136 Roman fonts, 13 International fonts 

136 Roman fonts

Maximum printable area
320 x 480 mm
323 x 1,252 mm—with optional banner sheet tray
Fiery controller
Fiery colour controller E-36A—optional
Scan speed
A4 LEF, 200 dpi
120 ipm

220 ipm
Scan methods
Scan to email, Scan to folders 
Scan mode
Black and white
Text, text/line art, text/photo, photo, greyscale; default text/line art

Text/photo, photo, Automatic Colour Selection
Scan resolution
100 x 100 dpi, 150 x 150 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi; default 200 x 200 dpi
Scan area
297 x 432 mm
Original size
Custom size
140 x 140 mm—minimum
297 x 432 mm—maximum
File types
TIFF, JPEG, PDF, high-compression PDF
Image density adjustment
Automatic selection, manual selection—7 levels
Scan to email—other features

Scan to email size
128–102,400 KB—with restriction; default 2,048 KB
725 MB—without restriction

Maximum email addresses per send
500—from HDD
100—direct input
100—via LDAP

Email addresses stored in HDD
Maximum email addresses—2,000
Maximum registered group addresses—500 addresses, 100 addresses per group
Maintain email addresses—via operation panel, SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, Web Image Monitor
Search method—by name, email address

Body message
Manual input—maximum 80 characters
User pre-registered body message—5 messages, 80 characters over 5 lines
User pre-registered title—maximum 20 characters per name of pre‑registered body message
Preset message—This e-mail includes attached file sent from <device name>.

Input subject
Manual input—maximum 128 characters

LDAP search

To, Cc, Bcc

Program registration
Up to 25 programs

Divide and send

Divide by page or size; default by size


Scan to folder


Client folder logon, transmission encryption of logon name and password

100 x 100 dpi, 150 x 150 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi; default 200 x 200 dpi

File type
Single page
TIFF, JPEG, PDF, high compression PDF

TIFF, PDF, high compression PDF

TWAIN scanning
Scan mode
Standard, Photo, OCR, Filing

Scan resolution
100–1,200 dpi
Other scan features
SADF/batch mode, Mixed size mode, Thin paper mode not supported
Encryption—print and scan data
Encryption of data sent via Scan to email (S/MIME)
Simple network security setting 
DHCP option 60 and 77
Other security features
Security features are provided by the Ricoh GWNX controller. The Fiery E-36A controller security is based on the latest Fiery security policy.
@Remote Embedded
Web Image Monitor
Device SDK
Device Manager NX
InfoPrint Manager
TotalFlow BatchBuilder
TotalFlow Prep
TotalFlow Production Manager
TotalFlow Supervisor
Ricoh ProcessDirector
FusionPro VDP Creator
FusionPro Expression
OL PlanetPress Connect
PrintShop Mail
EFI Digital StoreFront
EFI Graphic Arts Premium Edition
EFI Fiery Central
EFI JobFlow
EFI Impose & Compose
Power source
220–240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
5,000 W or less—maximum power 
4 W or less—Energy Saver Mode (Sleep Mode)
Power consumption—options
1,000 W or less—4,400-sheet vacuum feed LCT RT5120
150 W or less—3,000-sheet finisher SR5050 
150 W or less—2,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5060 
250 W or less, maximum—Booklet trimmer TR5040 
75 W or less, average—Booklet trimmer TR5040
150 W or less—4,500-sheet finisher SR5110
150 W or less—3,500-sheet booklet finisher SR5120 
250 W or less, maximum—Trimmer unit TR5050 
75 W or less, average—Trimmer unit TR5050
95 W excluding peak consumption—Cover interposer CI5040
400 W or less—Ring Binder RB5020 
623 W or less—Perfect Binder GB5010 
30 W or less—Decurler unit DU5060 
240 W or less—Multi-purpose folding unit FD5020
131 W or less—High-capacity stacker SK5040
200 W or less—Buffer pass unit Type S9
Warm-up time
300 seconds or less—mainframe
380 seconds or less—Perfect Binder GB5010
Sound power level
73 dB—standby
81 dB—operating

Full configuration
73 dB—standby
83 dB—operating
Emission levels
4.0 mg/h or less—dust 
4.0 mg/h or less—ozone 
1.8 mg/h or less—styrene
2.0 mg/h or less—formaldehyde
Reduction of environmentally sensitive materials
100% lead-free solder used in PCBs—lead
100% chrome-free steel plates—hexavalent chromium
Energy saving standards
Energy Star v2.0—with GWNX, Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server, and EFI Fiery controllers
Safety standards
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards
EN55032 Class A
EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
EN301489-1, EN301489-3, EN301489-17 
CNS13438 Class A
Identification of plastic components
All plastic components that weigh more than 25 g are identified in accordance with ISO 11469 standards.
Laser standards
Wireless LAN standards
Radio Certificate (NCC)