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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Transform your collaboration

Give people the flexibility to work when and where they want. Microsoft Teams Rooms are easy to deploy and allow you to get your meetings started with a single touch.

Our expertly designed solutions allow for ease of use, while standardised workspaces ensure a consistent user experience.

Through empowering your employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere, businesses are able to ensure they stay engaged no matter where they are.

Work from anywhere, with a consistent experience

With more and more businesses embracing the flexibility that remote work allows, there has never been a greater need to create collaborative digital environments. While employees have shown they can thrive with this new way of working, inconsistent user experience and friction from technology can stifle collaboration.

Whether working from home, out and about or in the office, a hybrid workforce should have a consistent meeting experience.

A consistent user experience means there can always be rich collaboration, regardless of where each team member is dialling in from.


66% of business decision-makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to accommodate hybrid work environments.


Your next meeting is one touch away

With Ricoh’s Microsoft Teams Rooms, meetings with a distributed workforce are just one touch away. Single Touch Join provides instant access to the Microsoft Teams user interface.

Our Microsoft Teams Rooms assessment will provide an evaluation of your current collaboration environment. From here, we offer simple solutions for even the most complex collaboration issues. We offer a range of different solutions specific to your needs, including;

  • Huddle Room (2-4 people)
  • Small Room (4-6 people)
  • Medium Room (6-9 people)
  • Large Room (10-15 people)
  • XL Room (15+ people)
  • Mobile and Interactive Solutions for Flexible Spaces.
Weekly meeting time has more than doubled for Teams users and is still rising


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Find the right room for you

All of our Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions include display, licences, deployment and configuration of your current Microsoft Teams. We will help you pick the right solution and provide the support your business needs. Skilled deployment always user-friendly.

  • Huddle Room

    (2-4 people)

    • One-touch room control
    • Android OS
    • All-in-One Collaboration Bar
    • Auto-framing & speaker tracking
  • Small Room

    (4-6 people)

    • One-touch room control
    • Windows OS
    • Auto-framing & speaker tracking
    • 8 microphone array
    • Laptop connectivity
  • Medium Room

    (6-9 people)

    • One-touch room control
    • Windows OS
    • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera
    • AI-powered features with voice recognition
    • Laptop connectivity
    • Remote device management
  • Large Room

    (10-15 people)

    • One-touch room control
    • Windows OS
    • Dual microphone arrays
    • Wireless laptop connectivity
    • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera
    • Remote device management
  • XL Room
    • One-touch room control
    • Windows OS
    • Ceiling microphone arrays
    • Wireless laptop connectivity
    • Dual Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera
    • Remote device management
  • Mobile and Interactive Solutions for Flexible Spaces
    • Teams user interface with Single Touch Join
    • Perfect for stand up meetings and flexible spaces
    • All-in-one Collaboration Bar, including: camera, microphones, speakers
    • Wireless presentation for laptops
    • Sturdy mobile trolly

Harnessing the power of AI

Our Microsoft Teams Rooms operations are powered by AI, meaning it is simple for users to maintain best practices. The AI is able to automate software updates, problem detection and resolution, while best practices are built-in, based on the knowledge and insights from thousands of different endpoints. This smart technology means your business can spend less time focusing on troubleshooting meeting rooms and more time focusing on the core business challenges.

Ricoh will also remotely monitor and alert you on room health when required.


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