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Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions make the most of features across platforms for a solution that fits your business.
We specialise in designing, implementing and managing your hybrid cloud environment across on-premise, Ricoh private cloud or public cloud platforms.

Managing hybrid cloud services

Our managed IT services are now available as part of our cloud offering. Wherever your workload lives, we provide best-in-class management and support capabilities across all platforms.

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Cloud consulting experts use industry-leading assessment frameworks to:

  1. Boost your business
    Hybrid solutions offer reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than traditional internet
  2. Extend your networks
    Extend your private network to public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or AWS to build hybrid environments  
  3. Secure private networks
    Set up a secure private network using VPN or a dedicated connection using Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect delivering  
  4. Create cost effective solutions
    Efficient solutions for typical hybrid scenarios, such as data migration, backup and archival, application integration, cloud storage and workload bursting  

Partnerships with AARNeT and CITEC

Ricoh has a strategic partnership with Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet) and CITEC (Queensland Government's primary ICT service provider). This allows Australian education, research institutions and State Governments to shift to fully managed and hosted private cloud services, such as Print Platform as Service.