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Intelligent Capture

Transform unstructured data into searchable, useful information

Go from information overload to intelligent business with smarter capture, storage, management, automation and optimisation of your business content.

Organisations face increasing challenges with the management of information — files must be searchable, editable and usable. Intelligent capture identifies and extracts critical information from paper and born-digital electronic documents and boosts efficiency as automated workflows replace manual tasks.

Our Intelligent Capture solutions can:

  • Give structure to your data — scan and capture paper documents to convert unstructured data into useful information
  • Build data visibility — automate capturing, indexing and routing of data into Line of Business systems
  • Reduce compliance and privacy issues — align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards
  • Cut costs — slash file retrieval time and paper costs when searchable documents replace archive boxes
  • Prevent information loss or damage — boosting data security to avoid breaches and ensure data accuracy

Digitising your paperwork frees up costly storage space and reduces the risk of information leakage or compliance issues — less paper out in the open means less risk of it being seen by the wrong people.


    Transform business documents and content into business value with ABBYY’s AI-based technologies and solutions.

  • Ezescan

    EzeScan reduces costs and time to capture your data from hardcopy or digital sources.

  • KodakAlaris

    Kodak Alaris is the innovative choice in high-speed document scanners for your business, with intelligent automated features and class-leading software.