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Information Management

Break down data silos and unlock the power of your information

Go from information overload to intelligent business with smarter capture, storage, management, automation and optimisation of your business content.

Data trapped in information silos is useless — without a single source of truth, you waste valuable time recreating or searching for information. Information Management unlocks the power of information locked in organisational data to change how you do business. lack of visibility and inability to effectively share or analyse information.

Information Management Solutions can:

  • Feed directly into Line of Business systems — capturing, indexing and routing paper and digital content
  • Reduce costs — automating repetitive, data-driven activities to minimise processing time and reduce manual re-keying of data
  • Make integration affordable — automating content migration from legacy systems
  • Give you a competitive edge — extracting data from websites
  • Improve customer and staff experience — straight-through processing of onboarding, sales order processing, case management and operational workflows
  • Reduce compliance and privacy issues — align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards

Stay ahead by capturing and managing your data for easy retrieval and secure collaboration.

  • DocuWare

    DocuWare document management software automates team workflows.

  • Laserfiche

    Laserfiche automates your everyday processes with powerful workflows, e-forms and intelligent document management.