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Unlock efficiency shortcuts with automation and secure record-keeping

Go from information overload to intelligent business with smarter capture, storage, management, automation and optimisation of your business content.

Your IT infrastructure is outdated. Unconnected systems and disjointed workflows across multiple locations make finding information slow. It’s hard to meet government and regulatory requirements with paperwork that’s not secured. Is your school facing these challenges?

Our track record in education means we’ve customised solutions across:

  • Student and staff records and onboarding including eForms to cut manual processes
  • Parent communication
  • Security, governance and compliance including the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (NDB)
  • Accounts and contract management
  • Risk and incident reporting
  • Excursion and camp management
  • Exam marking
  • Secure access to content and guest teacher access

Improving your tech solutions boosts responsiveness to people and school business needs.