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YSoft SafeQ

The easier way to find, collect and share information.

Process invoices quickly, validate purchase orders, and get approvals over the line faster. ABBYY Flexicapture takes all the information flowing into your organisation and extracts the data that needs to move into ERP workflows.

Data that’s handwritten can be identified and collected. Respond quickly to vendors and customers and improve your cashflow.

A modular platform

Today’s organisations are looking for ways to work smarter when implementing enterprise office solutions. Reducing costs, improving productivity and increasing the security of content are concerns no matter where an organisation is on its print management and digitisation journey.

Working smarter also means simplifying the approach when deploying solutions. The YSoft SafeQ platform is a modular workflow solutions platform designed to meet the growing needs of organisations looking to effectively manage and reduce print services costs and to create more efficient, digital workflows while increasing document security.

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  1. Reduce printing costs and impact
    Eliminate wasted print jobs and use less paper, toner and energy
  2. Secure Document Release
    Documents will only print once a user is there to release it from the printer
  3. User IDs for tracking
    A user ID is required for printing, so you can set quotas or monitor use