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RICOH Print Management Cloud

Migrate your print infrastructure to the cloud

The cloud is rapidly becoming mainstream within IT operations and the adoption of a cloud-first strategy is very much business as usual. 

For organisations that have already moved basic IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, the next natural step is to include print in their Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio.

  • Remove printer servers 
  • Eliminate multiple print drivers
  • Designed for Zero trust environments
  • Supports push print and secure pull print environments

Cloud Print Management is for any size business

Overcome complexity and inefficiencies in traditional print infrastructure by moving to cloud

RICOH Print Management Cloud (PMC) can simplify your print infrastructure in a way that suits your organisation. It provides end-users with hassle free printing that is in-line with your businesses wider cloud strategies. PMC’s flexible archecture means you can be confident the product can scale with your changing requirement to accommodate your needs now and in the future. PMC makes streamlining your print infrastructure, removing print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies extremely easy. So easy, you can be up and running in under ten minutes.

  1. Serverless printing 
    Reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. PMC lessens the burden on IT, removes reliance on print servers, enables central management, and virtually eliminates common IT helpdesk pain points.
  2. Vendor neutral platform 
    Ricoh PMC is not locked to just one print hardware manufacture - the cloud platform supports the majority of vendors and devices making it easy to move your existing hardware to the cloud. 
  3. Subscription-based solution 
    PMC is fully flexible; scale your consumption up and down according to business needs and simply pay for the licenses you need. No expensive infrastructure needs to be spun up the solution is scalable from a single device to enterprise requirements with 1000’s of devices.
  4. Automate administrative tasks
    Enjoy hassle free printing, with immediate end-user fulfilment/device provisioning. No need to install and maintain multiple print drivers for your different printers. PMC makes it easy to deploy and control the entire printing infrastructure from a single web-based interface.
  5. Best-in-class security
    PMC is designed for Zero Trust requirements. Protect your data with features including end-to-end server to hardware encryption, user authentication, auditing functionality, and integration with 3rd party cloud-based authentication providers such as Okta.
  6. Location aware printing  
    PMC knows where you are and will only display the printers in your local environment making it easy to choose the correct printer. As you move to a new location all your old printers are removed and replaced with the devices in your current location, it makes printing easy for the user and is one less task for IT to support. Ideal for organisations with multiple sites and workers moving around.  

Download a white paper on modernising print infrastructure in the age of cloud.

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