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ABBYY Flexicapture

The easier way to find, collect and share information.

Process invoices quickly, validate purchase orders, and get approvals over the line faster. ABBYY Flexicapture takes all the information flowing into your organisation and extracts the data that needs to move into ERP workflows.

Data that’s handwritten can be identified and collected. Respond quickly to vendors and customers and improve your cashflow.

M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer

The Intelligent Metadata Layer brings all your disconnected data silos together and provides users always the right content in the right context. It leverages artificial intelligence to automatically categorise information based on what it is, not by where it resides.


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  1. TM-Files is a true content services platform
    M-Files is a repository you can use to store all your information. But it's so much more. You can use M-Files to find, access and manage all your information across different systems and repositories
  2. Take control of all your data
    The amount of data is doubling every two years. That data comes in increasingly different formats and is stored in an increasing number of systems and repositories.
    You can control the information overflow with M-Files and manage information across systems and repositories. Find and tag business-critical data and turn unknown and unmanaged data to managed data.
  3. Improve compliance
    The built-in workflows of M-Files help you reduce regulatory risk and comply with industry standards or company policies by minimising human errors.
    M-Files helps you keep track of critical tasks and reduce the risk of non-compliance. It lets you organise, record and automate everything in your business. You can streamline audit processes and reduce business risk
  4. Collaborate with ease
    Collaboration is easy with M-Files. You can share a link to one common version of a document with internal or external stakeholders. This means no more hassle with managing versions – all comments and corrections are in one place.
    You can also manage workflows and make sure content gets finalised and approved according to your company guidelines
  5. Protect Confidential Information
    Protecting confidential information is vital for any organisation. With M-Files, you can automatically set access and user rights based on role. M-Files also aligns your information and business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards.