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RICOH Supervisor™

Optimise your print environment

To succeed in today's ever-evolving professional print marketplace, ready access to critical operational data and actionable reporting is essential.

RICOH Supervisor™ leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and a vendor agnostic approach to help you assess equipment efficiency, make better purchasing decisions based on device performance, and understand throughput to plan for peak capacity.

Make decisions based on facts

RICOH Supervisor™ gathers and displays operational data from multiple sources, allowing you to evaluate throughput and printer performance.

The customisable dashboard displays details that help you improve print job estimating, operator skills, compliance, and more. Affordable price plans for individual print shops and enterprises include desktop and mobile access.


  1. Stop guessing  
    Make decisions based on your operational data, which you can view on easy-to-understand, personalised dashboards
  2. Improve job estimating  
    Improve job estimating accuracy by taking into account historical data on devices and labour hours
  3. Be more proactive  
    Identify and resolve issues promptly to optimise capacity, workload balancing, and workflow processes
  4. Scalable and secure  
    Cloud-hosted platform offers easy scalability as well as always up-to-date security