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Bonus pre-loaded Visa card

3,500 reasons to buy that colour printer

Ready for a business card with a twist? Unlike that card you always forget to hand out at meetings, this one has endless possibilities. You decide where this reward takes you.

Be one of the first 50 customers to purchase an A3 Colour Multi-function Printer by 28 February, 2019 and get a pre-loaded Visa card valued at up to $3,500.**

Choose your reward with the card that keeps on giving.

** See conditions below

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Terms and conditions

  1. To be eligible for the ‘Ricoh Summer Rewards - Bonus Visa Card Offer’, you must purchase an A3 Colour MFD or Selected device between 29 November 2018 and 28 February 2019 to receive a pre-loaded Visa card based on the selected model. Limited to the first 50 customers.
  2. Offer is available only to non-government Ricoh Australia customers situated in Australia with no more than 499 employees.
  3. Selected devices and pre-loaded Visa card value applicable are as set out in the table below:
    EDP Code Selected Devices Pre-loaded Visa Card Value
    418022 MP C2004exSP $400
    418029 MP C2504exSP $500
    417986 MP C3004exSP $750
    417995 MP C3504exSP $850
    418004 MP C4504exSP $1000
    418015 MP C6004exSP $1400
    417670 MP C6503SP $2500
    417676 MP C8003SP $3500
  4. Maximum 5 Visa cards per customer during the offer period.
  5. The Visa card will be issued and delivered by your Ricoh sales representative within 45 days of device installation.
  6. Ricoh Australia is not responsible for the operation and use of the Visa card, which is subject to any terms and conditions between the card holder and the Visa card issuer.
  7. Offer cannot be combined with any other special promotion offer and can only be used once during the promotional period.
  8. Ricoh Australia standard Terms and Conditions apply to your purchase order for the selected device.