When brilliant minds are free to think, innovation flows.

Recent workplace research from Adapt shows a remarkable 82% of business leaders believe innovation starts at the top.*

Yet, in the knowledge sector it is far more likely to flow from the middle and this is particularly true in legal practices.

Now more than ever, the role of practice management teams is evolving to ensure the endeavour of brilliant minds flows seamlessly into intelligent systems that support collaborative, productive profitable outcomes.

Specifically, this means an accelerated focus on digital workflow and automation. These are two investment centres identified by Deloitte Access Economics as driving a predicted $36B technology led uplift to the Australian economy.**

At a time of unprecedented disruption to traditional business models for law firms, it has never been more vital for practice management teams to get ahead of the issues that are dragging other parts of the business economy down.

Ask us how our digital workplace intelligence, digital automation and smart meeting and workspace solutions, supported by specialist print and IT services support the legal practices of today in becoming the extraordinary innovative leaders of tomorrow.



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