GlobalScan NX XPLAN Connector


Smart, secure capture of hardcopy documents in XPLAN

With Ricoh, it’s now even easier for financial planners to capture their hardcopy documents for storage in XPLAN.

Ricoh’s XPLAN Connector integrates with XPLAN like never before. You can securely store your documents in any area of the XPLAN database with the touch of a button, reducing your document-handling time and boosting your productivity.

GlobalScan NX and XPLAN Connector are fully compatible with a wide range of Ricoh multifunction printers.

Efficiency and thorough compliance

  • Scan documents directly to the XPLAN database.
  • Manage document location and indexing via two-way communication between your MFP and XPLAN.
  • Maintain accurate records and comply with financial services standards.
  • Transfer and store documents securely, protecting confidentiality.

A simple, effective solution

  • Set how your documents should look and scan from the MFP operation panel.
  • Automate and improve your document-handling processes.


Storing your hardcopy documents in XPLAN just got even easier

Manually uploading your documents into XPLAN is a thing of the past.

The Ricoh XPLAN Connector enables you to scan and send documents directly to your XPLAN database.

More efficient

XPLAN Connector is an extension of GlobalScan NX, an existing Ricoh solution for securely distributing, sharing and managing digital documents.

Other solutions simply send the document to the XPLAN database. The advanced XPLAN Connector solution enables two-way communication with XPLAN, allowing the location and index to be specified while scanning.

The simplicity of the solution will enable you to automate processes, cut down on document-handling costs and improve productivity.

Adheres to compliance requirements

XPLAN Connector helps financial planners meet compliance requirements by securely transferring and storing confidential client information.

Easy to implement

It’s effortless to implement the solution in your organisation. GlobalScan NX and XPLAN Connector are fully compatible with a wide range of Ricoh multifunction printers.

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